Retail demands that promotion of charging columns should become unbureaucers

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Retail demands that promotion of charging columns should become unbureaucers-charging

Skoda, Lidl and also Faurecia invest in charging columns. Partly for your own employees, partly for your own customers. What large companies succeed is currently being braked the retail trade. Because there is not that right with the installation of charging columns. In this context, German use bearers have demanded more effective and less bureaucratic promotion of charging columns for electric vehicles.

More than 1.9 million potential loading locations available in retail

Chief Managing Director of the HEDE, Stefan GentH Commercial Association gives that “the construction of charging infrastructure cranks from the point of view of our industry, in particular the fact that there is currently no economic incentive”. Specifically, you call that the application of conveyor money for charging columns should be easier.

To do this, count to make the possibility of collecting applications for multiple branch locations instead of applying for each column individually. The potential is to be clear if you consider that retail around 38.000 locations in Germany with around 1.9 million pitches.

VW recently submitted a strategy paper in which the Wolfsburg criticize, the previous plans for sales promotion and the expansion of the loading infrastructure for E-cars were not enough. That had encountered criticism of competitors. In conversation with BMW and Mercedes-Benz as well as the VDA, it has been evoked that these are not completely convinced by the German charging infrastructure.

Expansion of the loading infrastructure only works together

Thus, perhaps it is really time for our politicians to rethink. Once again: Germany needs more charging stations for electric cars. The impulses seem to exist. Also of the policy. For example, the Greens requires a quota for electric car charging stations. And the SPD boss also wants to make the future of the automotive industry in the Federal Government to the top priority. It goes “about the backbone of the German economy”.

Even huge companies from burners nearby industries like shell seem to have recognized the signs of time and imagine. In this case by the acquisition of NewMotion and joining the ionity charge network.

It can be captured, the expansion of the necessary charging infrastructure can only succeed if everyone pulls on a strand. So “… could the government finally clear many statutory hurdles for the construction of the charging columns,” to advance here. Also in retail.

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