Revealing: Series production of the SION from Sono Motors is more than questionable

Revealing: Series production of the SION from Sono Motors is more than questionable-sion

National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), the Swedish electric car subsidiary of Evergrande Auto, is looking for new owners and investors. As Sono Motors explained to us, this would have no effect on the Munich start-up’s production plans for the SION solar electric vehicle. Now NEVS boss Stefan Tilk reveals in an interview with Dagens Nyheter that there is no binding production agreement with the Munich company. This puts the intended IPO in a different light.

Sono Group N.V., Sono Motors’ parent company, announced over the weekend that the company had joined the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) has filed a registration statement (Form F-1) for the proposed public offering of its common stock. Even before the announcement, Sono Motors made representations in Trollhattan, the potential production site for the SION. Rumors quickly arose that Sono Motors could be a potential buyer for the company, which is currently looking for a new owner. However, NEVS boss Stefan Tilk denies that they would buy the company.

Instead, he indicates that NEVS helped Sono Motors to finish designing some parts of its electric car and prepared part of the factory for the production of Sono Motors electric cars. “But we don’t have any production agreements. First, they need to go public and raise money. Then we can start talking,” Tilk continued. When asked about the start of production in 2023, he explains, “It would work for us. But it would be an additional service, an additional income, which in this case should be worthwhile for us. We don’t stand and fall with it.”

Instead, NEVS is focusing on its own self-driving vehicle, the Sango. Asked about the necessary measures to continue the business, Tilk says: “It was sad to have to lay off 300 people. For the first time since I started we own our own product. It’s clear there’s a lot of uncertainty and question marks surrounding Evergrande — but the investors we speak to are very interested. That’s a good feeling.”

Update Statement from Sono Motors:

NEVS has been production partner of Sono Motors since 2019 and we have since been in close exchange, as well as currently. The production of the Sion is currently unaffected by the restructuring and the preparations of production facilities for pre-production production in 2022 and the Sion series production in the first half of 2023 are already running scheduled. NEVs has already adapted to the current developments and in adapting the staffing, the capacities necessary for Sono Motors have not been affected so far.
With NEVs we have found a production partner who shares our vision of pioneering and climate-friendly mobility. The production conditions in the former plant of the cult brand SAAB are ideal for us: the appropriate production capacities, an experienced team and production using electricity from 100 percent renewable energies.

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