Revelation at Tesla: Video Autonomous Driving was Fake

Revelation at Tesla: Video Autonomous Driving was Fake-video

Tesla‘s autopilot, which is no longer allowed to be called that in Germany because it is misleading advertising, was probably not as good as initially thought. A video of a self-driving Tesla from 2016 has now turned out to be fake, as several ex-Tesla employees have now indicated. This puts the reporting at the time in a not so positive light.

Especially when you consider how Tesla CEO Elon Musk praises his vehicles as true marvels of technology, which are considered the perfect symbiosis of man and machine. In part he will be right about that. However, in 2016, when the driving assistance system “Autopilot 2.0″ was advertised for the first time, this was not yet the case. At that time, as is still the case today on their website, a Tesla cockpit and driver who put his hands on his lap while the Stromer drove on were shown. Definitely a breakthrough for fully autonomous driving. or!?

Probably not him. Because at least in 2016, the video was largely posed, as various ex-employees revealed in a comprehensive interview with the “New York Times”. 19 former employees talked under the guise of anonymity with the US newspaper, including eight alone as engineers for the “Autopilot 2.0 “. Is it according to the surveyed state of the test vehicle not only a digital 3D card available – something that does not normally do not – but would also have encountered the lane limitation. Even an accident on the factory premises should have given it.

However, the viewer of the clip is suggested that the Tesla is spontaneous and without a driver in the video and the technology works smoothly. In addition, the ex-employees revealed that the name “autopilot” then pushed internally on resistors, as he suggests a performance that is not possible by the technology. A conclusion, which also met the courts in this country. That’s why the engineers suggested naming the system “Co-Pilot”. Musk, however, refused.

The technology remains controversial to this day. Because the manufacturer is rather economical when it comes to hardware in its driver assistance systems and only relies on cameras and the AI of the built-in computer. According to the ex-employees, security concerns were easily brushed aside by company boss Elon Musk and ignored in favor of marketing and optics.

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10 thoughts on “Revelation at Tesla: Video Autonomous Driving was Fake”

  1. The article encourages me to pull our kindergarten teacher in front of the Kadi.
    She seriously tells the children that there is Santa Claus who flies through the air with reindeer. Such nonsense, it should also be there for all children. Next she comes with Easter bunnies, how ridiculous 🙂
    Reality and advertising are really two pairs of shoes.
    Neither the thing with the renaming of the autopilot, nor to draw a conclusion from promotional videos, which are exaggerated anyway.
    For some drive white cars in the circle and want to promote their environmental protection, which does not exist, then children stand next to a BEV and catch on to magic.
    Which message wants to tell us the author.

  2. I always write this here: Tesla consists of 80% fake and exaggeration. Man in itself is not smart, so you will find victims. Especially in the boom. But the disruption, the Teslafans portrayed at the drive change, comes only with the autonomous driving. There is Tesla in the dead end and suspended. Only cameras … says Teslafan NextMove.

  3. I’m not surprising me at all. There will be another daylight before or later, which is not true. Of course, the autopilot has always been a big factor for the rating of Tesla, earlier $ 7000 extra, now 10.000 $. What about Robotaxis? Misleading the investors, etc. You should think about that. Time will tell, as they say here from time to time.

  4. A little info for all Tesla haters:
    Just look on YouTube what a Tesla can do today, or even better just take a ride – ideally in the USA
    true to the motto: PICTURE your opinion
    After all, Mercedes will be allowed to try Level 3 on 16,000 km of Autobahn next year 😉
    I’m excited to see when the first video from a German manufacturer will be available showing how its vehicles are doing in San Francisco – not on roads that aren’t stored in HD in the system

    I think it’s cute that Mercedes is installing a microphone to recognize emergency services – after all, you obviously learn from the stumbling blocks that the pioneer of autonomous driving has overcome during the further development on the way to a new technology 😉

    Time will tell

  5. Fraud is always a mess… also at Tesla, also at Porsche, VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes… Why am I not driving a German vehicle?? Because on a scale of 1 to 10, 9.9 is the end for me. Tesla is at 3.0 with this video.

  6. The difference between Tesla and the old OEMs is the way they communicate. Tesla is leaning pretty far out of the window here. While the hip newcomer Tesla enjoys a great deal of freedom with its potential customers, a global corporation such as VW, Mercedes or BMW cannot afford to ruin its good reputation in terms of product maturity.

    An example: Audi announced that the new A8 can drive autonomously after Level 3. This is a standard that needs to be certified. In April 2020, Audi gave up the certification. Apparently the built-in technology is not sufficient for level 3. Of course, you could have skipped the certification and told that the car drives autonomously. The driver then has to manage that it sometimes cannot do that (like with Tesla). And the autopilot is only level 2 as far as I know.

    The autopilot from the old Model S can change lanes by itself. The driver has to take a look in the rear-view mirror and confirm with a tip on the indicator that no one is approaching at 250 km/h. Only: for this function you would actually need a turn signal switch that is ASIL D certified (malfunction can lead to the death of several people). Since Tesla installed turn signal switches from Daimler at the time, which were secured to a maximum of ASIL B, the function is at least questionable. As long as no one was hurt, everything is fine, but if accidents were to increase now that would raise questions, the question would eventually arise as to who approved it. It obviously works anyway but is legally thin ice.

    If I had spent money on FSD I would probably be quite displeased by now.

    Tesla can be credited with the fact that with the progress they openly display (there are enough tech videos on YouTube), they generate desire for more and drive the market. Conventional OEMs always make a big secret out of what they do, which demos only provide a random insight into.


  7. exciting discussion

    Which video is the article referring to??

    The linked video shows a tour of a place in the USA, or is the MS in the video driving on a stage in front of a screen?

    I think you should put a lot into perspective, but not everything.
    Not with TESLA and not with the other OEMs.

    I think it’s a shame that advertising, which TESLA hardly does, is overrated here.
    In the glossy brochures of every manufacturer there are consumption values that are sometimes so far removed from reality that it makes you nauseous.

    it remains exciting

  8. Congratulations, the article is a complete success and hits the heart of Tesla haters.

    When I read the title, I knew very well how the Davids and Sperlings and what they all call themselves are going to react. What can I say, they did not disappoint me!

    When journalists report negatively about Tesla, they are there immediately. They literally roll over and pull from the leather as much as they can.

    About Musk, the chief criminal, who bewitched innocent buyers, so that you praise him from now on and raise his products uncritically to the sky.

    Meanwhile, he doesn’t care about their health and he sells scrap mills that fall apart if they don’t crash unchecked into construction machinery or explode and from then on burn forever.

    As if that weren’t enough, they have the comfort of a wheelbarrow, the electronics are medieval and worse than any Dacia glued together! You can push elephants through the gap and the interior is riveted together from the hardware store.

    Truly there the Tesla haters can really let off steam again. I wish you a lot of fun with it.

    By the way, I drive a Model 3, I’m a totally stupid Tesla fanboy who adores every piece of shit the top guru Musk does and adores his products.
    Just so you have no reason to blame me.

    Honestly, for a long time I thought it was about climate protection and not about brand bashing, insulting people and venting hate into the comments.

    Seems like I was wrong. Tesla is not God and Musk is not Jesus. VW is not the world market leader and BMW is disappointed. The whole German car industry likes to overestimate itself.

    All of these are facts. Tesla is far from perfect, that much is clear. They were simply the ones who gave the impetus for electromobility. Not VW, not BMW, not Audi, not Porsche. And that’s what many Germans can’t handle.

    That’s why David & Co. Hate triads whenever an opportunity presents itself. Take it easy and stay factual. Times are bad enough.

    I wish you and all of us happy and peaceful holidays and above all, stay healthy.

  9. However, this gives a certain justification for the question of whether the control and measurement values relating to environmental regulations in the new factory in Brandenburg will all correspond to the facts, or whether there will also be fakes?

    I no longer trust the automotive industry anyway and Tesla isn’t improving the lousy feeling either.

    Have they in Brandenburg now at least exhausted all solar technology options (PV + storage) for their sealed areas (parking lots, driveways, hall roofs)? otherwise I no longer believe in the sincerity of Tesla.

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