Revision of the original model: After 33 years, Mercedes is refreshing the G-Class


After 33 years, Mercedes is refreshing the G-Class

Revision of the original model: After 33 years, Mercedes is refreshing the G-Class-model

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After 33 years in which the car remained almost unchanged, Mercedes revised the G-Class again.

Source: Mercedes / Geiger

Revision of the original model: After 33 years, Mercedes is refreshing the G-Class-original

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Only the inside of the off-road vehicle has changed significantly. The equipment now resembles the ML and the GL.

Source: Mercedes / Geiger

Revision of the original model: After 33 years, Mercedes is refreshing the G-Class-model

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The consumption of the top model from AMG increases to 17 liters on average. However, the engine also turns the G-Class into a speeding wall unit.

Source: Mercedes / Geiger

There are enough fashionable off-road vehicles, believes Mercedes-Benz. And for this reason it has only changed its original Kraxler, the G-Class, marginally. The car remains a king of the edges.

E.It is still possible: Although there is no other car from Germany that has resisted all trends and fashions for as long as the Mercedes G-Class, the edgy classic is now getting a facelift: For the summer, the Swabians are refreshing the design of the Original types, decorate the interior and complete the equipment list.

The most important thing, however, is hidden under the hood: the AMG faction stops there two new engines move in. The prices change only marginally for G-Class conditions, increase by around 2000 euros and then start at 85,311 euros.

If you want to distinguish the new from the current G-Class, you have to look carefully: Because the off-road vehicle is still a king of edges, which seems to be drawn with a ruler and protractor alone.

There are now LED lights under the googly eyes

Because the designers still have to move a little with the times, they have placed a few LED points for the daytime running lights under the googly eyes of the round headlights and given the car new exterior mirrors. They not only offer the larger field of vision required by law, but are also more aerodynamic and should therefore reduce the noise level.

Inside, the progress is a bit clearer: You look into a new cockpit with a lot of M- or E-Class features, in which a large display is emblazoned between the speedometer and the rev counter. And above the center tunnel there is now a wide console with a second screen and many neat buttons.

They can be used to operate numerous new equipment options such as the standard command system with online navigation or the surcharge-based assistants for maneuvering backwards, for distance control or for looking into the blind spot.

Most of the work with the facelift, however, was done by the engine developers. In mass production, the V8 petrol engine in the G 500 with 388 hp and the V6 diesel for the 211 hp G 350 remain. But the AMG team has renewed its engine range and, above all, significantly expanded it.

Top model from AMG with 612 hp

The G 55 becomes a G 63, whose 5.5 liter V8 engine now delivers 544 hp, and for the first time a G model with twelve cylinders moves up to the top: the G 65 AMG is powered by a six liter twin turbo, the Marked the top in every way.

With 612 hp it is the most powerful off-road vehicle in the republic, with a price of 264,180 euros the most expensive model in the Mercedes list and with a consumption of 17 liters the biggest gobbler the Swabians. But customers in Dubai, Moscow and Miami will cheer.

And it is they who have remained loyal to the G over the years and thus saved his life. Originally developed for the military and the emergency services, the classic’s career only slowly got going in peacetime: Peaceful potentates and the sluggish public sector’s cash position limit state needs.

Therefore, Mercedes decided on a large G-Volution and transferred the G to the passenger car division. There, the primitive crawler was not discontinued after twelve years as planned, but on the waves of the first four-wheel drive to a lifestyle object that differentiates itself from the upstart from home and abroad with its edges, character and its special technical position.

Americans helped past career lows

After his star almost seemed to burn out a few years ago due to the immense consumption and increased competition, the Americans suddenly discovered their love for the "G from Germany ". They helped him through his career slump.

Today, however, it is not only adventurers and boasters around the world who appreciate the edgy classic. But as an armored model in the heaviest protection level B7, the G-Guard has become a stronghold on wheels for many celebrities and potentates.

It is true that the G-Class is moving proof that marketing is not immune to mistakes either. After all, the sellers wanted to stop the production of the off-road giant repeatedly. But now Stuttgart is once again loyal to the edgy classic – not least because every car earns hard cash with tools that have been financed for a long time.

"Our G-Class has been solid as a rock for 33 years, ”says Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche, never dreaming of an end for the dinosaur. On the contrary: three years ago on his 30th birthday, he said something that should give the fans hope for the future: "We have sold 200,000 copies of the G so far. Today the vehicle is more successful than ever, the customers are more enthusiastic than ever, and maybe we will celebrate the next milestone birthday in ten years. "

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