Rimac builds new campus for R&D and production

Rimac builds new campus for R&D and production-builds

The Croatian E-Car forge Rimac, known for particularly fast electro-hypercars and most recently the acquisition of Bugatti together with Porsche, invested in his future: with a new headquarters in Zagreb, for which the company takes 200 million euros in hand. The site should be research and development, production and a test track and a museum. The groundbreaking ceremony took place a few months ago, the completion is targeted for 2023.

The new complex will allow the company to highlight prototype and small series projects for mass production of its high-performance electric drive and battery systems for many global automotive companies, so Rimac in a recent communication. At the same time the 200 becomes.000 square meter campuses, half of which are built-up, will serve as the production base for all future Rimac models and their key components, including the Rimac Nevera, the Croatian’s current top product.

About the project, which was already ten years ago part of his vision, says founder and CEO Mate Rimac: “Since I founded the company, the establishment of a best possible work environment was the key”. It feels self-evident and more natural to create great products when you are in the right environment for this. “With the campus we want to do exactly that – create the best environment for work and creativity”. The plant is so planned that she fits into nature and the environment harmoniously. From the beginning, Rimac also relies on the CO2 neutrality of the campus according to its own statement.

Rimac builds new campus for R&D and production-buildsRimac

In view of the rapid growth of the company, the site was also designed to be extended over time. In the long term, more than 2,500 employees are to be employed at the new location – well over twice the current number of employees. The new complex should also contain some clever and unique features in accordance with the focus of the brand on a striking design, innovation and sustainability. These include an urban biotope and meadows, as well as a roof garden, a kind of command center, VR rooms and several strictly shielded project spaces. Also a bar and retail space as well as for employees fitness rooms and a kindergarten are planned.

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