Rivian builds second work in Georgia, USA

Rivian builds second work in Georgia, USA-rivian

Elektro-Neutling Rivian kicks off powerfully: In Georgia, the second production plant in the US is now to be created in the US, as the company reports in a press release. Every year, up to 400.000 vehicles leave the factory, but about $ 5 billion are taken in hand! Also in Europe is the e-start-up just looking for a suitable location for a work, in which, among other things, the electric transporters for the online giant Amazon can run from the band. According to rumors, Rivian Germany is said to have been considered as a production location for the e-transporters. Other locations outside the European Union are also still in the race. Above all, Great Britain has testified concrete interest in a Rivian factory in its own country. How “Sky News” writes, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson should have sent a letter to Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe.

In any case, the planned expansion in the US marks the next growth step of American Tesla rivals, the construction work should start in the summer of 2022 and the first vehicles 2024 roll from the band. 7.500 jobs are created. Suitable for the brand profile is particularly important to the environmental compatibility of the production site, for example with energy supply from renewable energy sources. But recruiting is also being strategically planned, and residents of Georgia are called upon to “bring their creativity and ideas to Rivian”, as Chief People Officer Helen Russell emphasizes. For the development of the approximately 810 hectare location, a comprehensive citizen participation is planned, with citizenship hours in which the company and the investment plan are presented.

But even with the existing work in normal, Illinois is strongly invested: recently an extension was around 623.000 m² approved, which the entire area on 4 million. m² can increase. In particular, storage and production areas should be expanded. By the second quarter 2022, another 800-1.000 employees recorded. With the industry’s highest wages, bonus payments and business shares, Rivian positions itself as an attractive employer. Some Tesla employees have seen this and have overflowed the industry neoplane, one speaks of several hundred so far. However, they are said to have taken confidential information with them, which is why Tesla has now sued the start-up. Rivian defends himself with a lawsuit due to murder. The Match Tesla against Rivian is not only held on the streets.

Sources: Rivian – Press Release of 16. December 2021 // EnergyLoad.EU – Tesla and Rivian sue each other

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1 thought on “Rivian builds second work in Georgia, USA”

  1. Rivian has the capital and they have the lead, which one previously attributed Tesla once. Tesla actually wanted to edit this market, but her design has become childish and, above all, the delivery seems to be in the stars. And you do not seem to be able to keep the price. Self Ford and GM are more on the market. A disaster!

    The Rivian is in delivery and he has become excellent. There is a SUV version for markets where the pick-up is not so popular. Both cars are placed by the customer segment so that they do not get market leader Ford in the way. The Rivian delivery vehicle is also ready for series production, is 100.000 times ordered and applies to competitors who all have nothing comparable. Since you can already take a second factory into the eye.

    That the employees of Tesla go to Rivian do not surprise. It’s the same industry, it is at least one equal perspective and employee treatment is much better. By the way, does not look like the action of Tesla would succeed.


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