Rivian drives production high – with success!

Rivian drives production high - with success!-production

Rivian pave the launch of its R1T pick-up in June and the Rivian R1S E-SUV for March 2022 in large numbers. Further deliveries follow then from September 2022. For this, one currently drives their own production, after which the work was allowed to rest early on the month to get problems in production. These should have occurred due to several factors: manufacturing problems, supply bottlenecks and Covid-19 cases.

This impaired the market launch and led to a production of 1.015 EVS (R1T Pickup, R1S SUV and EDP VAN) and 920 customer extraditions (almost exclusively R1T) for the year. By stopping the beginning of the month and the elimination of problems, Rivian is now able to manufacture “nearly 200 deduction units per week”. “After starting limited production of the R1T pickup in August, Rivian was making an average of 50 units per week through the end of December,” according to an insider.

With these production pieces you are still a bit behind the 1.000 electric vehicles that want to bring on the road per month. In this case, it might harm the start-up that you want to bring three models in parallel to the road as to focus on only one. Demand seems unbroken despite stalling production lines. On the demand side there is a long queue, including about 71.000 Pre-orders for the R1T and R1S (in the US and Canada) to 15. December 2021. In addition, Rivian has a contract for 100.000 EDP transporter for Amazon, of which 10.000 closed this year.

The work of Rivian in normal, Illinois, is expected to be able to be 200.000 electric vehicles per year to produce after it from the current potential of up to 150.000 was upgraded per year. The second work for 400.000 electric vehicles per year will be in Georgia (the start of production is planned for 2024). For a European work you are in the search for a parallel.

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