Rivian: Europe start from early 2022 planned

Rivian: Europe start from early 2022 planned-start

The electric car startup Rivian is already considered one of the best financed start-ups in the e-mobility scene. Among other things, the start-up of Amazon and Ford is supported. At the beginning of 2022 Wool Rivian now bring his streams to Europe. This was known by a mail to potential European customers. About the mail to customers was reported among other things in the “Rivian Owner’s Forum”.

In Europe, the e-start-up is just looking for a suitable location for a work in which the electric transporters can run for the online giants. Among other things, Rivian Germany attracts as a production site for the E-transporters. Other locations outside the European Union are also considered. The real estate company JLL is currently commissioned with the search. But will have to hurry, since Rivian wants to start 2022 with the production of the transporters. In addition to a location for production search JLL also retail space in Europe on which vehicles can be issued. Also vacancies, such as a senior analyst for delivery planning in the EMEA region, had most recently won the European ambitions.

From the mail to the customers does not emphasize about which sales network the e-models of Rivian should be sold. In addition, not 100% is not yet determined whether both models of Elektro-SUV R1s and the E-Pick-Up Truck R1T come to Europe. Especially the pickup stood to the debate and should probably only be sold in North America. Rivian CEO R.J. Scrare also gave understanding from Reuters to understand that for China and Europe with smaller successor models of e-pick-up and E-SUV tarpaulin.

Scaringe shared Reuters that the smaller models are considered in particular for expansion to China and Europe. These should then be manufactured in a work therein. However, the start-up plans with the sale of the electro SUV R1S in Europe in 2022 and soon to begin soon after.

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2 thoughts on “Rivian: Europe start from early 2022 planned”

  1. Again a company involved the proper powder brings ..
    and Amazon has a dealer net that its identical seeks ..

    I would not be surprised if that even offer the E-Klotz even about their own platform.
    I think the cart really cool, just the price is not.

    It remains exciting

  2. Rivian is also planning its own production in Europe (Germany, England, or Hungary)
    Armes Germany – probably Rivian looks exactly the difference in the construction process between Austin and Grunheide, and then certainly does not come to Germany – a pity actually.

    Well, this is when environmental protection associations either shoot out about the goal of environmental protection, or – even worse, make a mistake away from another cart (a rogue who thinks evil &# 128521; )


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