Rivian plans own manufacturing of battery cells

Rivian plans own manufacturing of battery cells-rivian

The electric car startup Rivian is already considered one of the best financed start-ups in the e-mobility scene. Nevertheless, this does not mean that one remains preserved from financial challenges, as we could show past week. Nevertheless, the start-up seems more expenditure – investments – not to shy away to bear fruit in the longer term. So the planning of its own battery cell production is quite an option.

Currently, Rivian batteries refers from the South Korean supplier Samsung SDI. But plan but the production of battery cells in their own house, as evidenced by the application submitted on Friday for an IPO in the USA. The startup, which is supported by Amazon and Ford engine, said in the application that his own battery cells “will complement the procurement of third parties, which ensure the continuity of care and support our expected growth”. Total tarpaulin Rivian to the end of 2023 investment in the amount of eight billion US dollars to make. These flow into additional manufacturing capacities, the production of battery cells, shopets and other plans.

“In view of the outstanding meaning and influence of the battery system on the range, the performance and the price of a vehicle, we have built internal capacities over the entire value chain,” said Rivian and added that this also the development of battery cells, the expertise in the Battery production and the procurement of important raw materials included. “Over time, we intend to expand our skills in terms of their own cell development and their own cell production and expect these functions to grow significantly in the coming years,” the company continues.

As the company tells, it currently operates six service centers in four states, including California, Illinois and New York, as well as a 24/7 service center in Michigan and 11 mobile service vehicles. Rivian has a network of 169 charging stations across the country, 24 of which are so-called fast charging stations. Rivian employs about 8 worldwide.000 employees.

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2 thoughts on “Rivian plans own manufacturing of battery cells”

  1. The concept is somehow known to me, but yes – so electromobility will progress and only so !
    I wish Rivian much success!!!

  2. Since I am much more pessimistic!

    The whole hype smells “Exit Strategy” of the original investors.

    You want to bring this company to the stock market with violence and good news and pick up the coal from the new shareholders who will never see again.

    Afterwards on the Cayman Islands and NTV the news looks at how Rivian has just announced that you can no longer pay the bills.

    The established car manufacturers have long recognized the signs of the times and will not be as easily taken off their bread as one or a start-up imagines.

    When I read:

    • six service centers in four states
    • 11 mobile service vehicles.
    • 169 charging stations across the country – including 24 fast chargers

    then you have to consider what ridiculous numbers this is compared to Toyota, Hyundai or even VW.

    I wish all future Rivian shareholders that you don’t throw your hard-earned cash out the window!

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