Rivian R1S and R1T: On the road from March 2022

Rivian R1S and R1T: On the road from March 2022-2022

Rivian aimed to launch its R1T pick-up in June and the Rivian R1S E-SUV in August this year. But nothing came of it, the delivery of the first vehicles was delayed. At the end of November, the start-up sent out emails to the owners of Launch Edition reservations. Deliveries from March 2022 are promised, further deliveries will follow from September 2022.

As is known, the company has a plant in Normal, Illinois (former Mitsubishi compound) where the company has set up two production lines – one for the R1T/R1S duo and one for the electric van. As of today, hundreds of e-vehicles have already rolled off the assembly line. However, these are test vehicles that should play their part on the way to series production. Vehicles outside the test area were “only” delivered to the company’s own employees.

In the Rivian Forum, a survey thread has been opened in which reservation holder can communicate their delivery windows. It looks like the largest part of the delivery between March and June should be made. Whereby also in several mails the speech from the period July to September. In the forum itself, it can be seen that customers who have been mentioned in Canada or Alaska live later delivery periods. The former delivery dates are geographically distributed and not only on California or Ilinois (near the headquarters or. The Rivian factory) limited.

In addition, the survey results suggest that the R1T truck will come on the market before the R1S SUV – the R1S dates will generally appear to lie later than the R1T dates. The delivery dates for spring 2022 only affect the “Launch Edition”, customers of the “Adventure” or “Explore” packages should receive an email with their delivery dates before the end of 2021. This could indicate that Rivian probably won’t start shipping the ‘regular’ editions until the second half of next year – but we’ll know more about that before the end of the year, when Rivian will also be emailing other reservation holders with delivery times sent.

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2 thoughts on “Rivian R1S and R1T: On the road from March 2022”

  1. Funny, other companies can’t keep their delivery promises either – delivery should have started in the summer – but that’s the way it is when you stir up the market as an innovation driver.

    At the end of the day, a few months doesn’t really matter if the result is right – I wish every manufacturer who builds pure BEVs only the best

    The main thing is electric 😉

  2. That’s really a great car from what you see and read.
    Good for the US market to stand up to Ford in small segments.

    it remains interesting whether they dare to make their way into the EU

    It remains exciting

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