Rivian releases teaser for first electric pickup truck

Rivian releases teaser for first electric pickup truck-electric

For ten years now, the electric cars of Rivian are in the development and yet you have not really heard much of these. At least to me, the E-vehicles of Rivian have passed so far. But now that could change the start-up, which has founded RJ Scaringe, with graduate, is slowly moving out of his hiding place. At the latest since Rivian last year a former Mitsubishi factory took over in normal, Illinois, one has an eye on the start-up.

For the technology or. The drive is characterized by Rivian Gary Gloceri, a former Magna chief engineer for electric drives, which led the powertrain development for the Ford Focus Electric, responsible. This has taken the development of the fully electric vehicle platform of Rivian. In the future, a fully electric pickup and SUVs should be created on this platform. First information about the platform was also known.

So the E-vehicles from Rivian with a range of 320 kilometers to 725 kilometers are coming, depending on the selected battery pack. These start at 80 kWh. From 0 to 100 km / h, it should go in just 2.8 seconds at the top version, in five seconds at the base version. Autonomous Driving of Level Three is supported. Last week, there was now the first teaser for the electric pickup truck of Rivian. This will come as Rivian R1T on the road, the brand new 3-row 7-person SUV will bear the name Rivian R1s.

“The two brand new electric drive models promise impressive performance data on the road and in the area as well as industry-leading specifications such as range, performance, torque and extent. These vehicles should show that electric vehicle technology is now able to provide consumers a permanent, far-reaching on- and off-road capability.”

You will have to wait when and whether the electric vehicles come across the street. But unlike electric car start-ups like Lucid Motors and Faraday Future, Rivian has a decisive advantage. First of all, the development and production has been dedicated before entering the limelight. The former Mitsubishi factory offers capacity for around 200.000 vehicles per year. A startup of the production curve is thus nothing in the way.

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The Rivian R1T of the American Startup-Ups Rivian comes as electric pickup truck with up to 765 hp, 180 kWh battery and 644 km range therefore. Two other variants of the e-pick-up are already planned.

In addition, it is considered that the R1S E-SUV is offered as a 5 and 7 seater. Where you as a buyer of the E-SUV, which should be delivered from the end of 2020, with a selling price from 72.500 dollars (before subsidies) must expect.

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