Rivian: United Kingdom and Netherlands haggles for e-auto plant

Rivian: United Kingdom and Netherlands haggles for e-auto plant-united

The electric car startup Rivian is considered one of the best financed start-ups in the e-mobility scene. And yet, money does not seem to solve all challenges, as Rivian had to learn last last. Currently, the company is trying to accelerate the market launch of the R1S and R1T. The plans for Europe also seem to move forward. Currently Buhlen Great Britain and the Netherlands to the attention of Rivian.

In Europe, the e-start-up is currently looking for a suitable location for a work in which, among other things, the electric transporters for the online giant Amazon can run from the band. Rumor According to Rivian Germany as a manufacturing site for the E-transporters have been considered. Other locations outside of the European Union are also being considered. It is up-to-date that Great Britain, as well as the Netherlands, have concrete interest in a Rivian factory in its own country.

For the Netherlands the acquisition of the production plant VDL Nedcar in the room. There are currently a few series of BMW / Mini, which will run from 2023 at BMW in the Leipzig plant from the band. Then it is true for owners of the factory to use the VDL Groep, the existing capacities. 4.500 employees want to be employed. Sufficient staff to manufacture both electric transporters, as well as electric pick-up and E-SUV from Rivian. According to different reports, a Rivian delegation wants to visit the plant in Born in December to prepare a decision-making basis.

Pages VDL Nedcar says that two parties have concrete negotiations. In addition to Rivian, this should be the e-mobility startup Canoo, whose first electric car should roll off the assembly line in their factory from 2022. However, it is said at the moment: “Due to developments at VDL NedCar currently not assuming, with VDL NedCar a final framework agreement or. Conclude agreement for contract manufacturing.”Where Canoo could alternatively settle his production is not yet known.

Rivian, in his part, would have an alternative already in the hindquarters, since summer 2021 negotiations with the company campus “Gravity” near Bristol. Here, however, Rivian would have to start the production as well as the training of the investigated employees of zero. From the view of the United Kingdom, it would still be desirable to know an e-automaker in your own country. How “Sky News” writes, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson should have sent a letter to Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe.

In this, the prime minister promised the start-up that government officials had been instructed to work out a “tailor-made incentive package”. Johnson wants to draw on a “Special Development Order” (SDO), a very rarely used legal instrument to enable fast planning decisions. From the point of view of Sky News, the willingness to use the SDO for “The Importance of the Great Britain project”. Which sizes and actions could contain the funding package for the US startup, but does not emerge from the report.

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4 thoughts on “Rivian: United Kingdom and Netherlands haggles for e-auto plant”

  1. Interestingly, whether the mini – despite the customs delivery of 10% in EU import – is built in GB or a purchase (if necessary. of a share of) VDL-Nedcar takes place. But already with the quantities of future transporters

    https: // www.Electric car news.Net / Electric cars / Rivian dependability Amazon-a view

    For Amazon, the simpler transport from the Netherlands into the rest of the EU could also greatly influence the decision.
    And Rivian will probably want to avoid a theater performance like that of Tesla..

  2. Actually a pity that Rivian does not come to Germany. Then with Tesla would be two top cars made in Germany. I’m curious when a Europavary of the SUV is presented. I like innovative newcomers.

  3. In any case, I would pray Rivian from Germany as a location that is why everyone will understand that the drama of Grunheide under the Knar “German Environmental Protection Associations et al. “Live could follow – and not the Tesla Fud / Hat faction belongs.

    I wish Rivian a smooth construction phase as possible – wherever – which the German bureaucracy and all who are eternally yesterday in relation to jobs and taxpayers then wistful.

    Time wants Tell – main thing electrically &# 128578;


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