Road safety: child seats tested – only two are “very good”


Child seats in the test – only two are "very good"

Road safety: child seats tested - only two are "very good"-road

The crash sled shows whether a seat is able to hold and protect a child in the event of an accident.

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The ADAC has once again taken a close look at seats for small passengers. The test winner is one of the cheaper models, one of the most expensive products turned out to be almost completely unsuitable.

D.he ADAC has tested child seats and comes to the conclusion: A high price is no guarantee of good quality. Because among the models that scored “very good”, there was also one of the cheaper offers in the test, while the fifth most expensive seat in the test was just about “sufficient”.

The cheapest child seat tested cost 99 euros, the most expensive model costs 450 euros. The “Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SL & Isofix Base 0 + 1” (class up to 13 kilograms), which is available for 290 euros, was rated “very good”, as well as the “Kiddy Phoenixfix Pro 2” (nine to 18 kilograms), for which the manufacturer recommends a price of 199 euros. The latter did not do any worse than “good” in any category and thus took the overall victory.

This is followed by twelve models that were rated “good”. The loser in the test is the “Jane Strata & Strata Platform” (up to 13 kilograms), which with an overall grade of 4.5 came up close to a “poor” grade. Main point of criticism: a belt that is much too long, with which a newborn cannot be secured. In view of a recommended price of 418 euros, that’s pretty steep.

No model failed because of pollutants

The automobile club put the tested models under the microscope in the categories of safety, operation & ergonomics, pollutant content, cleaning and processing.

It was also noticeable that manufacturers have reworked points of criticism: The previous model of the "Bebecar Easymaxi ELS" had a high pollutant content in the last test – the current model was rated as "very good" in this category. Overall pleasing: none of the seats failed due to excessive stress – however, three models from the manufacturer Concord only achieved a "sufficient" rating in this category..

In connection with the test, the ADAC pointed out that a new standard for child seats will come into force in July 2013, which will replace the currently valid standard ECE-R44 after a transition period of several years. The requirements have been tightened in the new standard, so models certified according to the upcoming standard must also withstand a side crash for the first time.

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