Road safety: In France, an alcohol test device has to be in the car


In France, an alcohol test device has to be in the car

Road safety: In France, an alcohol test device has to be in the car-device

France will require drivers to bring alcohol test devices with them from July 1st. This transfers the cost of tests to drivers

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From November 1st, drivers in France will have to prove that they have not drunk any alcohol. If you don’t have a test device with you, you have to pay a fine.

A.Drivers in France must bring an alcohol test device with them from July 1st. The French embassy in Berlin drew attention to this new regulation, which also applies to foreign drivers.

The device indicates the alcohol content in the air you breathe. In France, as in Germany, the 0.5-alcohol limit applies. If the driver is unable to show an unused alcohol measuring device during a traffic check, a fine of eleven euros will be due on the spot from November 1, 2012.

The test devices are "available for a low price in stores (for example at petrol stations) ”, explained the embassy.

Costs are passed on to drivers

The French authorities are the first country to pass the costs of a corresponding test on to drivers. The Alcoguard developed by Volvo is again topical. It prevents a drunk driver from even starting the car.

A Stockholm bus company is already using devices to check whether the driver has drank too much. If this is the case, the bus does not start. The now insolvent Volvo competitor Saab had already presented a similar technology about four years ago – and then discontinued the project due to the massive financial problems.

Volvo’s answer is Alcoguard

The device works very easily: whoever one with the "If you want to start a car equipped with Alcoguard, you first have to blow into a mobile device the size of a remote control. The critical limit values ​​can be set depending on the country and the legal regulations.

If the test person is sober, the device flashes green and the car starts. If the driver has drunk so much that the limit value is exceeded, the transmits this "Alcoguard “via radio signal to the vehicle electronics. The vehicle no longer starts.

Alcoguard can be tricked

"Of course, you can also have your wife blown and then get behind the wheel yourself, drunk as hell. But what is the point of the ‘Alcoguard’? ”Asks a Volvo spokesman.

Volvo estimates that mainly corporate customers rely on the new device. From 2020, nobody should have a fatal accident in a Volvo, is the official target. But of course that only works if the drivers are sensible – and, for example, 850 euros for the "Alcoguard ”.

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