Road safety: “The 7th sense” is about to make an Internet comeback


"The 7th sense" is about to make an internet comeback

An employee of the legendary show "The 7th sense" works on their resurrection – with traffic tips, simulated crashes and maybe also with Egon Hoegen, the voice of the original.

D.he "7th. sense" may be about to make a comeback: We are currently working on resurrecting the legendary traffic guide. In autumn or winter 2012 the first new episode could be admired on the Internet.

The original one "7. Sense" With a running time of 39 years it was one of the most famous programs on German television. The episodes were only a few minutes long and included tips on all aspects of how to behave correctly in traffic, as well as on technical issues and problems related to the car.

This was illustrated with recreated scenes from the street, including crashes, the participants of which were doubled by stuntmen. The show’s figurehead was its spokesman Egon Hoegen, whose distinctive voice achieved cult status and subsequently appeared in many other productions.

The original made it to China

Motor journalist and producer Angela Recino is behind the restart. The 46-year-old already has the original "7. Sense" collaborated and established the format in China after the end in Germany. "Far too little is reported about road safety", Recino justifies her initiative. "And that although the number of deaths in traffic is now increasing again."

There were repeated calls for the format to be re-included, most recently from Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer (CSU), among others. On television, where the WDR production was taken out of the program after a program reform in 2005, the interest was nonetheless limited.

Users should be able to have a say in the topics themselves

For this reason, Recino is relying on the Internet for the new edition. But also because young road users can best be reached there. The production costs should be covered by sponsors, the target group should have a say in the issues – also in order not to make the new traffic program appear involuntarily embarrassing, like some other formats for safety on the road.

The initiator Recino is curious about the suggestions of the audience, she herself is thinking of a mixture of classics a la "correct behavior in winter" and topics that address current technical developments.

"Woman at the wheel" has survived

Because in the sixties the "7. Sense" nor warnings about the bad habits of "Women at the wheel" – Tips that will make you very happy today. In the 21st century, the use of smartphones at the wheel is likely to become an issue, or that of the increasingly complex control units in modern cars.

Angela Recino is currently trying to get the money together for a pilot episode of the new traffic guide. In addition to sponsoring, crowdfunding is also an issue, i.e. financing through donations from interested private individuals.

A new name must be found

Unfortunately, the new edition will not be allowed to be called like the original, because the naming rights for the "7. Sense" lie with Westdeutscher Rundfunk. But Alfred Noell, the TV show’s father, is available as an advisor, Recino could well imagine that Egon Hoegen would speak again about the commentary on the consequences.

And there should also be crashes in the new version: "It will definitely be rattling", said the journalist and producer. "Because the accidents were one of the most important dramaturgical means of the show."

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