Road traffic: driving style check by email instead of showing a bird


Driving style check by email instead of showing a bird

Road traffic: driving style check by email instead of showing a bird-check

Although it is legally considered an insult, it is still not uncommon in traffic: Anyone who feels annoyed or provoked by others will show a bird. It goes it is also different via the Internet.

Source: dpa / gms / Jens Schierenbeck

If you stick a sticker on your car, you can ask others to comment on your driving style. The system has long since proven itself abroad.

D.he principle of the “driving style check”, which is now offered for 1.79 euros per month, is a mixture of self and external control: A sticker with the internet address is attached to the rear of the car and everyone can comment on the corresponding driving style can. .

In America and Great Britain, according to the operators, this has been a tried and tested practice for decades: Many delivery vans, postal cars, novice drivers and senior citizens have appropriate stickers on the rear that allow feedback on the driving style of the respective vehicle driver. If other road users feel hindered, harassed or endangered by the driver, the sticker and the license plate provide them with a direct address for their complaints.

The self-control of this system consists in the fact that every driver with such a sticker on the rear is aware that they might not be shown a bird, but that they will receive an email instead.

The possible external control, however, lies not only in the complaint via the Internet, but also in the possibility of placing the stickers on the rear of others. In this way, parents can control the driving style of their ambitious youngster just as much as fleet managers can control the driving style of their always urgent field workers.

"Our system motivates drivers to drive more carefully," explains Nikolaus Fischer, Product Manager of Driving Style Check, the educational measure.

“At the same time, it provides our customers with solid evidence if the traffic behavior of the registered drivers is unacceptable and dangerous.” However, the comments are only visible to the respective registered member.

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