Roadster facelift: BMW has spruced up the Z4 for this summer


BMW has spruced up the Z4 for this summer

Roadster facelift: BMW has spruced up the Z4 for this summer-facelift

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A four-cylinder with 156 hp is now available for the BMW Z4. With 7.9 seconds from zero to 100, it is not a super sprinter, but it is still fast on the way. Who wants the car, has to invest just under 34,000 euros – a Z4 was previously more expensive.

Source: BMW

Roadster facelift: BMW has spruced up the Z4 for this summer-roadster

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On the other hand, the optics have been subtly reworked: revised lights, a few changes in the interior. And the convertible top now also works while driving.

Source: BMW

A new basic engine makes the convertible cheaper, plus subtle optical retouching. In addition, BMW has given the Z4 a long-awaited new function that helps you enjoy the sun better.

L.He allowed himself to be asked, and he came as late as seldom. But now it’s here, spring, and seen from this point of view, BMW would have done everything right with its timing. Because just in time for the first stable sunshine, the Munich-based company has now presented the current version of the BMW Z4.

Visually, the car has only been slightly modernized. The Roadster is now available with subtly retouched lights, the interior has been upgraded a bit and the roof can now be painted in a contrasting color, if you want.

Above all, there is now a new, smaller engine for the Z4, which reduces the base price to 33,950 euros. The same technical basis as in the 20i and 28i is still under the bonnet, but instead of 184 or 245 hp, the two-liter four-cylinder in the 18i only develops 156 hp. Incidentally, the siblings don’t take anything when it comes to standard consumption: All three are specified with 6.8 liters.

A 340 hp chunk

The performance of the smallest on paper is still honorable: 7.9 seconds from zero to 100 km / h, a top speed of 221 km / h and a torque of 240 Newton meters do not make the car a Porsche killer, but you can follow the numbers quickly also with him.

Unfortunately, it has not yet been possible to try it out – because BMW preferred to provide the top model for the first test drive. This is powered by a three-liter six-cylinder, which has 306 hp in the Z4 35i and even 340 hp in the 35is. He is reminiscent of the times when there was still an M Roadster a la M3 or M5.

The price is then, however, at 57,600 euros and thus in a different league than the entry-level model. But the engine not only has a great sound, it also lets the car accelerate like a real sports car.

You race 50 percent above standard consumption

The engine responds spontaneously, it revs up greedily and, thanks to 500 Nm of torque, it heaves the slender roadster forward effortlessly. Seven gears are to be shifted, if you quickly hit the bottom of them, you can go from zero to 100 in 4.8 seconds.

And that the speed limit is set at 250 kilometers per hour is a real shame in view of the acceleration. The only thing you shouldn’t look at is the on-board computer: BMW specifies the standard consumption as a straight nine liters, but if you’re in a hurry, you can add half that on top.

BMW has expanded the range: The new engine extends the customer base of the Z4 downwards. And the top model doesn’t come close to the Porsche Boxster or the new Jaguar F-Type, but it still feels like a sports car.

And BMW has also improved a small detail: the steel convertible top can now finally be opened and closed while driving. So you can now use every ray of sunshine in the transitional period.

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