Rock Tech Plant Lithium Factory in Brandenburg

Rock Tech Plant Lithium Factory in Brandenburg-plant

The German-Canadian company Rock Tech Lithium is planning to build its first European lithium converter – a production plant for battery-capable lithium hydroxide – in Guben, Brandenburg. According to a recent announcement, the company intends to locate all the production steps for lithium refinement there in a single facility. The investment decision for all production steps depends, among other things, on ongoing discussions regarding funding that has already been applied for or further funding that is still to be applied for.

With its long industrial tradition and the existing infrastructure, the region offers the best conditions for becoming a central component of the battery value chain and thus part of the Brandenburg e-mobility cluster. In the immediate vicinity are the soon to be launched Tesla Gigafactory, where battery cells are to be built in addition to electric cars, as well as a production facility of the chemical company BASF, where battery materials are also manufactured.

Rock Tech’s planned total investment volume at the Guben site is up to 470 million euros for all factory units. When operating the entire system is running, around 160 technicians would: inside, engineer: inside and in production employees: be busy on site, so the company. Together they would be around 24 per year.Produce 000 tonnes of lithium hydroxide. This would correspond to the required volume by around 500.000 equip electric cars with lithium-ion batteries.

With the acquisition of the area in the industrial area of Guben Sud, Rock Tech Lithium has now created the basis for the planned converter construction. The total of about twelve hectares large plot offer sufficient area for the construction of plants for all individual production steps in lithium finishing. The already good transport links will be further optimized by a possible railway connection. Rock Tech Lithium wants to look for a close exchange with authorities, experts and local stakeholders for the planning and approval process. The converter should record operation 2024. For the production, locally related renewable energies are to be used.

The raw material for the lithium hydroxide Rock Tech lithium initially relates mainly from its mining project in Georgia Lake in Canadian Ontario. In the factory in Brandenburg, the starting material is processed for use in electric car batteries.

“We become the Lithium partner of the automotive industry and build its own non-existent infrastructure for battery-use lithium hydroxide in Europe in Europe. Our goal is to create a closed cycle for lithium as the first company worldwide. Guben seems to us as the ideal location for this, including funding opportunities a significant role, “explains Dirk Harbecke, Chief Executive Officer by Rock Tech Lithium. By 2030, the CleanTech company plans around 50 percent of the raw materials used from recycling of old batteries.

The EU Commission estimates that the European lithium requirement alone for e-auto batteries will increase by 18 times 18 times and by 2050 even around 60 times. Sustainable and resilient resource supply is thus a strategically critical factor in the automotive industry.

“With Rock Tech Lithium, we strengthen our position as a future center of European e-mobility. In Brandenburg, the complete value chain is at home in the future “, explains JOrg Steinbach, Minister of Economics, Work and Energy of the State of Brandenburg. From raw material preparation, over battery and cell production, to the E-Carau as well as battery recycling, several companies in the e-mobility industry are represented in Brandenburg. Steinbach also shows pleased that “that Rock Tech Lithium with Guben has elected an industrial location in the Energy Region Lausitz”. This is an important sign for the people of the region. The Structure Process Lausitz started and show first positive results.

The decision for Guben has preceded a Europe-wide location search. In the end, according to Rock Tech Lithium, the city was able to prevail due to its outstanding conditions.

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2 thoughts on “Rock Tech Plant Lithium Factory in Brandenburg”

  1. The success for Berlin-Brandenburg has begun with Tesla, now follow the suppliers.
    Good in any case for the economy, the implementation should be ecologically done, not that it looks like something about some economic regions such as Wolfsburg, Munich and Stuttgart.
    In Brandenburg there is still untouched nature, which is preserved, and not to be destroyed by companies that do not care for environmental protection and only want to transform.

  2. Then I wish much success.
    Guben is located south of Berlin and a little more green country to offer.
    Whether this is better to build this nature or the printed pine forests no one wants and need there …

    It will be exciting to see whether a German-Canadian company will have it easier remains to be seen.

    In any case, the whole thing is a farce and a slap in the face for every citizen who has a little brains what is going on under the guise of NABU / allegedly. environmental concerns.

    it remains exciting


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