Rocks-E: Opel’s electrical alternative to bus and train

Driving report Opel Rocks-E

The 45 km/h cube for 15-year-olds: Opel’s electrical alternative to bus and train

Rocks-E: Opel's electrical alternative to bus and train-alternative
Opel Opel Rocks-E in the front view.

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Instead of Citroën Ami now Opel Rocks-E. The electric cube is supposed to stir the advertising drum for the Russelsheim car manufacturer and make young drivers tasty the lightning.

History repeats itself, it is said. Whether this is really the case has been discussed hot for decades. In the case of Opel and Citroën there is now an argument with the Ami and the Opel Rocks-E that is actually the case. But only at first glance. Flashback: in 1922 Citroën introduced the 5 CV. The car is a success for French carmakers. Well copied, is better than badly built, the Opel managers thought back then and brought out the Opel 4/12 two years later.

When Opel built the leaf frog

Due to the green color, the vehicle quickly got the nickname "leaf frog" and sold dazzling. Of course, Citroën complained against what he believes cheeky plagiarism, but the request was rejected by the court with the reference to the different grille and the other color.

Rocks-E: Opel's electrical alternative to bus and train-electrical
Opel The Opel Rocks-E is aimed at young drivers in particular

Back to the present. Already last year Citroën presented the Ami, an electrician that was supposed to revolutionize city traffic. But now the e-box car does not have a double-Rhombus on the front, but the Opel Blitz. So again a cheeky concept theft? Of course not! Opel and Citroën are united under a group roof. In the worst case, this confusion is thanks.

Rocks-E: Opel's electrical alternative to bus and train-train
Opel Opel Rocks-E: The Smart gets competition-but different than expected

Electrical cubes for the city – for drivers from 15

So the Opel Rocks-E and not the Ami should revolutionize downtown traffic and above all act as an advertising drum. "With this vehicle we introduce young people to the brand," says product manager Keanu Eftekhari a task of the Opel. The Opelans wisely do not speak of a car, but of a vehicle. After all, you can move the Rocks-E with the driver’s license class-from 15 years. The electrician does not compete with a small car, but with other movements for the inner cities, such as an e-scooter. "The advantage of the Rocks-E is that it is weatherproof"; beams Eftekhari. However, for weight and range reasons there are no heating in the actual sense. The blower for the hardening of the windshield creates a plus of six degrees compared to the outside temperature.

Rocks-E: Opel's electrical alternative to bus and train-train
It is loaded on the charging station or Schuko connector Photo: Opel Opel Rocks-E-City-Blitz for two

With Rocks-E you notice. positive. People turn around almost every corner and ask what kind of vehicle that is. This is also due to the fact that you sit in a glass cube. As pleasant as the light -flooded aquarium and a glass lid is, when the sun falls in an unfavorable angle, the display is difficult to read. There is a network -like roller blind that is attached manually. In summer it can get warm. Folding windows ensure the ventilation, but they come across the exterior mirror when it is unfavorable. In general, they are all mirrors quite small and can only be adjusted by hand. For this, the 471 kilogram cube has LED headlights, which illuminate the road well and take attention.

Solar car sion again on the tipping: IPO is becoming an obstacle course

Rocks-E: Opel's electrical alternative to bus and train-train

Site Solar car sion again on the tipping: IPO is becoming an obstacle course

Technically, the Rocks-E is identical to the Citroën Ami. Only in the design did the Russelsheimer bring their own grade with a few plastic applications and color slats. So it also has a purely electrical nominal output of 6 kW / 8 horsepower (a maximum of 9 kW / 12 hp when accelerating) and is up to 45 km / h fast.

12 hp must be enough

With a length of 2.41 meters, the Rocks-E is around 30 centimeters shorter than the current smart fortwo and has a turning circle of only 7.20 meters, which is worth gold in the city dance. The search for the parking space loses its horror anyway, if necessary you simply put the Rocks-E across. On the well -attended streets of Frankfurt, the top speed is easy. However, the AMI lack the narrow shoulders of a scooter, so you have to queue up in traffic.

only received two "Good"

Rocks-E: Opel's electrical alternative to bus and train-opel

Bit projects only received two "Good"

The comfort also corresponds more to that of a car scooter than that of a car. Because the chassis of the Opel must make do without insulation and shock absorbers. The electric cube rumbles over the streets and accompanies the forward urge with a robust electric motor noise that is thought to sit sports cars. The Rocks-E is still practical: older people can quickly stow into the supermarket and their purchases in the passenger cell. There is even a catch for bags.

Rocks-E: Opel's electrical alternative to bus and train-alternative
Opel places a sister model of the Citroen Ami in Photo: Opel Opel Rocks-E-City-Blitz for two

With a filled 5.5 kilowatt hour battery you get wide with the Rocks-E up to 75 kilometers (WLTP). A 220-volt household socket is sufficient to charge the batteries, which fills the energy storage within 3.5 hours. You can also plug in the Rocks-E on a wall box with an adapter, but this has no influence on the loading speed.

Rocks-E: Opel's electrical alternative to bus and train-alternative
Opel Plenty of space for odds and ends in the Opel Rocks-E

On the other hand, it is annoying that the charging cable, which is stowed behind the passenger door, does not move in as with a good vacuum cleaner, but has to be stored manually into the storage space. Not a big act in summer with a bit of practice, in winter, with minus degrees far less inspiring. Even the fact that the battery cannot be expanded limits the Citroën Ami something. Not everyone has a socket in front of the house or in the garage.

Navigate via smartphone

Navigated is navigated using a smartphone, which is supplied with electricity via a USB connection. The two better equipped models Tekno and Club can also be linked to the Rocks-E app. From mid-November the Rocks-E will be at. To get started is only the Tekno version for 8.Available 790 euros, the other two will follow in March next year. Opel currently does not offer leasing, but a financing that runs for 48 months. At the beginning you pay, for example, with the basic model (costs 7.990 euros) 2.595 euros, then 49 euros per month and ultimately a final rate of 3.753 euros.

Sun power and 700 kilometers range: Luxury Limo Lightyear One in the video

Rocks-E: Opel's electrical alternative to bus and train-train

Site/Wochit Sun power and 700 kilometers range: Luxury Limo Lightyear One in the video

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  1. There are some alternatives in the class
    A number of small cars up to 45km/h come from China. They are only done here … and converted on customer requirements. Price in a similar region to the Opel Rocks. If you are interested in something like this, you should find out more. Some of these mini dangers can also drive up to 80km/h. However, suspension is under all the sow for all vehicles.

  2. Environmental disaster
    The car is totally useless and only serves the selfish convenience. How many CO2 does the car produce in production? Such cars are the opposite of what is needed for the ecoant. Better would be more autonomously driving electrical classes that can be requested and booked using a smartphone. This means that more people can be transported, there are no traffic disabilities, can be used in the country and become much fairer than additional cars for groups of people who have so far been well cope without a car. Just built without a plan, I would say about it. So it won’t work with the climate.

  3. alternative
    For a quarter of the price you get a modern brand scooter with the double range. It does not offer comparable weather protection, but at least a suspension and is much more manageable in city traffic. The CO2 emissions should hardly be higher.

  4. A fifteen -year -old
    quickly a vehicle for approx. Put 8000 euros… Sure, everyone can. But there is also a fabulous 75km range. So when things go well… This will surely be a great seller

  5. Not thought out
    I am just imagining how 500 Opels occupied with 15-year-olds, paralyzing downtown Frankfurt 🙂 . And how 45km/h on the country road, there are enough accidents with slow agricultural equipment. The following applies to me: four Raeder only from 18 and then at least 80km/h fast

  6. Even more vehicles on already overcrowded
    Street ? As if not enough chaos on the streets. Trucks, cars, cyclists with fast e-bikes, e-scooters. 15 year olds now have to drive cars? Not enough bike & Co? What would that be of a waste of energy and resources to produce vehicles for such a target group ? Such 45 km/h vehicles have been a risk for many years. There are always serious accidents. But some just don’t get clever.

  7. Nonsense!
    That is exactly what we need! At 15 I was still traveling by bike. I think the speed range of 45km/h is dangerous for scooters, only that the box is even more difficult to overtake. Parents who buy such an exaggerated thing to their child no longer have all the cups in their closet!

  8. Just missing
    We just missed these traffic obstacles on wheels. This will lead to an increase in traffic accidents, whereby the unprotected drivers of these rolling shoe boxes will definitely pull the shorter ones.


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