Role as an annoyed Zeus: Arnold Schwarzenegger advertises for electric cars: Divine appearance at the Superbowl

Role as an annoyed Zeus

Arnold Schwarzenegger advertises e-cars: Divine appearance at the Superbowl

Role as an annoyed Zeus: Arnold Schwarzenegger advertises for electric cars: Divine appearance at the Superbowl-zeus

Arnold Schwarzenegger had a brilliant appearance in a BMW spot during the 56th Superbowls. As an annoyed godfather Zeus, he finds his salvation in the BMW IX – a gift from his Hera. But not only Arnie campaigned in the sinful expensive advertising breaks for electric cars. Never before have so many Stromer have taken the coveted advertising places.

Last Sunday, millions of football fans at the Superbowl were feverish again worldwide. Even in Germany, over two million people pursued on the television, like the L.A. Rams against the Cincinnati Bengals won in an exciting game 23:20. But with the chess chess, as American football is happy to be called, the spectacle of the superlative is not done for a long time: In addition to the legendary half -time show, the elaborate, specially produced commercials are also a highlight. This year a trend was particularly noticeable: there has never been so much e-mobility. Seven different companies advertised on the coveted advertising spaces for electric cars and accessories.

30 seconds of advertising time for 5.5 million euros

It is expensive to advertise the Superbowl, this is no secret and with almost 36 million households achieved in the United States alone no surprise. The prices for a 30-second advertising spot for the US market were approx. $ 6.5 million – that corresponds to around 5.75 million euros. In the case of such expenses for advertising space alone, most of the companies represented are also anything but stingy for the budgets for advertising pot production production.

Many of the spots are staged like mini films with star contingent. So produced BMW For the IX a one-minute commercial that could serve as a trailer for a Netflix series – Including Arnold Schwarzenegger as a godfather Zeus. Several companies relied on actions that were based on actual film or series actions. For example the spot of Chevrolet To Silverado EV, who consistently cited the mafia series "The Sopranos". Also General Motors Set with half a dozen characters of the Austin-Powers film series and a short story about antagonist Dr. Evil on the blockbuster look. Nissan Shot the bird in terms of pomp and production with its contribution to the Ariya, including international actor cast and stunt scenes that would also have fit well into an action film.

Constant increase in e-mobility spots since 2005

During the football season and Superbowl, between 80 and 90 commercials are broadcast and the proportion of spots of e-mobility companies has been growing steadily since the mid-2000s. It started in 2005 Toyota with his contribution under the motto "Good news for planet Earth", an advertising for the hybrid prius. The trend is currently moving away from the emphasized environmental friendliness and towards the short stories in memory. So also with the contribution to the KIA EV 6, which comes up with a robot puppy and a chase. The 30-second spot for Polestar 2, which tried to break away from the pompous advertising creations of his competitors through minimalism, was opposed to this concept.

But now it is no longer exclusively e-cars that are advertised from the ranks of sustainable products and services in the coveted Superbowl spots: a Wallbox was also there in 2022 with a almost 50-second contribution and shows that with the growing market share Accessories also move into consumer focus on electric cars. It will be interesting to see whether the growth curve will continue to increase next year.

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  1. so what ?
    The Arni would also advertise for laxatives, if the price is right, that much is at … The Arni would also advertise for laxatives, if the price is right, that much is safe. This topic is just pushed without end, with us massively subsidized. Despite everything, you can’t forced. And obviously it doesn’t go that way either. Progress should just be in "Relief" show that the processes do not make even more complicated (see refueling electricity) The charging points are missing, electricity is increasingly expensive….. Who can use that ? The one who can plug in at home and at best has a PV on the roof. So, and how many are they ? The hybrids are hidden, that is a legally approved fraud anyway…..

  2. For which products…
    … You usually have to operate intensive advertising? Right! For shopkeepers and other unsalable clutter.

  3. Stefan Feddermann
    Certainly you also advertise for products that are new and nobody knows yet. But that e-cars are new and nobody knows, in this case it should not apply. And that according to article Tesla at the "Advertising show" I am not surprised now, because for Elon Musk and Tesla are already doing "of high quality" Platforms like Fon with its own Tesla fan club advertising.


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