Rolls-Royce Luxury from 2030 Only more electrical

Rolls-Royce Luxury from 2030 Only more electrical-2030

Straight luxury limousines seem to attract a large buyer shank as electric versions. This has also recognized the precious brand Rolls-Royce belonging to BMW and now leaned very far out of the window: All models will only exist electrically from 2030! Three years ago you went from 2040. 2023 will start the Spectre Coupe, followed by fully electric versions of the phantom, Cullinan and Ghost.

Rolls Royce has sold more cars 2021 more cars than ever in his 117-year history. CEO Torsten Muller-Otvous has now announced that the luxury brand wants to offer only a purely fully electric model range until 2030. The current MK2 Ghost will be the last model with internal combustion engine. The announcement of the British government, from 2030 no more burns to want to allow, but only one reason. “We not only respond to legal requirements, but also on the fact that our clientele is getting younger and increasingly actively asking for electrical models,” explains Muller-ostvous. The average age of the Rolls-Royce buyer has fallen to about 43 years in recent years and many would already have an electric car. Therefore, you have already had experience with the E-store and the range management. In addition, today only 20 percent of the vehicles would be controlled by a chauffeur, 2010 was still about 80 percent. The new Rolls-Royce driver therefore likes to be behind the wheel.

Precise information on the technical details of Rolls-Royce‘s electric future was not yet revealed, just this much: full electrification is “a huge challenge for the relatively small company,” as Muller-OtvOs emphasizes. However, the change of strategy does not automatically mean that the vehicles become more expensive, the pricing for Rolls-Royce is only a small proportion at the cost. The SPECTRE announced for 2023 will therefore also be vapor after its positioning, not after its drive. The phantom should no longer cost in the future than the current V12 model from 374.400 pounds can call his own.

So that the farewell of the V12 does not fall too difficult, the electric drive should play the call of the brand according to all pieces: high torque, outstanding driving behavior, softly laying as on a flying carpet. Highest quality anyway. “We are not familiar to doing loud engines and exhaust noises, and that’s a big advantage,” explains Muller-ostvous. Therefore, “the electrification fits perfectly with Rolls-Royce – it is high-torque and yet super quiet”.

Nevertheless, you want to make profit with every model. For this you also pick up on the know-how and existing components of the BMW Group. On the other hand, autonomous driving wants to integrate only if it makes sense for the customers. That would not be the case yet.

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