Rumor: BMW i5 Touring could come in 2024

Rumor: BMW i5 Touring could come in 2024-rumor

BMW will not only launch a new 5 Series generation in 2023, but will also add a purely electric BMW i5 to the model series. This was reported by “auto motor und sport” back in August of this year. As the BMWblog now reports, at least two electric variants of the BMW i5 can be expected. A BMW i5 sedan, similar to the i4 Gran Coupe. As well as an i5 variant as the first purely electric BMW Touring.

According to various sources, the BMW i5 Touring is firmly planned. Probably a little later than the electric sedan. Because the G61 5 Series Touring will not be on the market before 2024. Then would probably be the right time for the purely electrical variant. It is currently assumed that the all-electric i5 Touring will take over the drive options of the electric sedan.

Here we could at least already find out that the BMW i5 will be on the road in several performance variants. With single, double and triple engines, with the latter being reserved for the i5 M. BMW will also continue to offer a petrol-powered M5, although there’s a good chance this too will be electrified in some way to improve fuel economy and emissions. When it comes to the interior, the Munich company offers the new i-Drive 8 operating system in the i5. It is known from the BMW iX, but has a modified user interface and should be more intuitive to use.

The BMWBblog has also thought: “Should the BMW I5 Touring become reality, we expect a M Performance version, similar to the i4 M50, with two electric motors, at least 500 hp and a range that is 480 km specified for the i4 located.A few design details seem to have surfaced already. Instead of the bold design of the last BMW models, the G60 BMW 5 Series is said to have a “normal” front grille and slim headlights on the sides. We also expect large air vents on the front and strong shapes. The rear should also be sleek with slim taillights and an aero diffuser. Inside, too, BMW seems to want to upgrade the 5 Series a bit, offering a more luxurious interior with more glass and metal trim. You can stay curious!

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3 thoughts on “Rumor: BMW i5 Touring could come in 2024”

  1. In principle, this is a good decision by BMW. After all, you can serve niches earlier than other brands thanks to the usual quantities.
    I hope, however, that you have the need and scalability a little better in mind than the i4.

  2. An M version with at least 500 hp..
    It is beyond me that this state does not take action against this and does not at least tax this nonsense harshly. Even the BMW Fritzen understood NOTHING about the problems of this world.


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