Rumors: BMW is working on a three-engine i5 M and i7 with 750 hp

Rumors: BMW is working on a three-engine i5 M and i7 with 750 hp-rumors

BMW will not only launch a new 5 Series generation in 2023, but will also add a purely electric BMW i5 to the model series. And it is precisely about this i5 that rumors are circulating that it should also be on the road as an M version. It should draw its power from the engine concept of the BMW i7, which is also coming, based on the BMW 7 Series.

The BMW i7 is said to be equipped with three electric motors that could produce up to 750 hp. Auto Motor und Sport reports that the three electric motors will come from the i4 M and may also be used in the M version of the upcoming i5. The magazine’s source also suggests that there will likely be M versions for most new BMW models with an i designation. These are to be put on the road in parallel with the combustion engine M versions.

Briefly to the BMW i7. Different battery sizes up to 120 kWh are installed in the BMW i7. The top i7 comes with a rear axle that houses two electric motors plus inverter plus power electronics and differential in one housing, another, weaker motor works on the front axle. When it comes to the interior, the Munich company offers the new i-Drive 8 operating system in the i5. It is known from the BMW iX, but has a modified user interface and should be more intuitive to use. Three basic layouts should be adjustable on the displays in the cockpit and on the dashboard.

Basically, it can be said that the BMW i5 will hit the road in several performance variants: with single, double and triple engines, with the latter being reserved for the aforementioned i5 M. BMW will also continue to offer a petrol-powered M5, although there’s a good chance this too will be electrified in some way to improve fuel economy and emissions.

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5 thoughts on “Rumors: BMW is working on a three-engine i5 M and i7 with 750 hp”

  1. The Nio comes with a 150 battery, so 120 kWh is nothing special. In the medium term, luxury class limousines will offer 180 kWh. Because only then can one speak of an equivalent range to combustion engines.

  2. Such a prototype has been around for a long time:

    It is questionable whether it will come as a real M model. In general, the statement so far has been that real M models as BEVs will only come with the new class from 2025.

    I would appreciate it if something came sooner, no question, but rather unlikely. At most, I could imagine that they slim down the i5 by using a lot of carbon in the body so that it passes as a real M model.

    On the other hand, the M60 engine is still pending at BMW, which could be the setup with three engines.
    That should be clarified relatively quickly when the iX M60 comes next year. An i5 M60 and i7 M60 would then be likely.

    I think an i4 M60 or even an i4 M in the current generation is very unlikely. At most when they change the platform to the new class for the facelift.

    Here is some relatively good insider information that has often proven to be true:

  3. Apparently, some manufacturers and their buyers have not yet understood that the resources are not infinite. With the 120 kWh of batteries, you could also supply 2, 3 or 4 electric cars with batteries.

    With the kW output of the motors, their weight, price and resource consumption increase. In addition, electric motors work particularly efficiently when they are operated close to the nominal output.

    Switching to e-cars only makes sense if it means a rethink and you don’t think you can squander even more resources because everything is supposed to be going green.

  4. Just read.

    Double game: German car manufacturers are working on climate rules in the back room


    On the one hand, associations and companies would promote climate-neutral and sustainable mobility, but on the other hand they would fight for weaker climate regulations in the EU.


    According to the information, the car manufacturer BMW and the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) were particularly negative.

    (Source: – 10. Nov 2021 9:52pm)

    A car manufacturer in the land of political wind turbine obstructionist and the VDA – apparently neither have learned anything.

  5. You write that the Top 7 is equipped with a rear axle with 2 motors, the inverters, the power electronics and the differential in one housing.
    Error 1: the inverters are the power electronics
    Error 2: an axle with 2 motors does not have a mechanical differential (the balancing is done electronically)


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