Russia’s mass flow of Zetta is to go 2021 in production

Russia's mass flow of Zetta is to go 2021 in production-russia

Serial production of Zetta, the first Russian electric car, should begin at the end of 2021 at the end of 2021. The Chairman Minister Denis Manturov said a few days ago in an interview with the Russian TV broadcaster RBK. The Zetta production was initially planned for 2020, but was delayed by the Corona Pandemic and Financing Problems.

The Zetta is a compact, three-door and four-seater electric vehicle with the dimensions of a smart fortwo and a maximum speed of 120 km / h. Among the innovations to be used in the Zetta is a drive integrated in the wheels as well as a lithium manganese battery from Chinese components, which should allow range between 200 and 560 kilometers, depending on the capacity installed. The high range is possible because the electric drive should be more than ten to 40 percent more efficient than current technologies.

The whole project, however, sounds quite ambitious for a car that in the basic configuration only 550.000 rubles cost, converted a good 6400 euro. There is also a mobile prototype yet. Russian autojournalists who had to face a Zetta prototype last year showed a little enthusiastic. It can handle the pre-series Zettas rather for own construction cars with an ugly plastic cover, under which an unclean-welded framework of metal pipes and a designed from Lada-shared interior.

The start of Zetta mass production achievements in the course of a national initiative to achieve a rate of 10 percent of electric cars under all cars manufactured in the country by 2030. The production site should be located in Toljatti, where the domestic autoprodozent Lada has its parent. MANTUROV added that the series production of a hydrogen-powered aurus, a Russian luxury automotive, should also start by 2024 at the latest. “By 2024, we are planning the development of a production model to be launched,” said the minister. A first model of the hydrogen-powered Aurus Senate was already presented in May.

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5 thoughts on “Russia’s mass flow of Zetta is to go 2021 in production”

  1. Lithium manganese ,,, That was at the second Prius version 20 years ago still up to date. What are the advantages? Thought LFP would be the choice for robust and inexpensive ..

  2. If the Russians would take that so seriously, as with armor, that could be something, but currently it sees only after planning industry rhetoric

  3. Hmm, Appearance does the part yes like a mixture of sickly chair and Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet. But no matter if what is good – form follow shows Function. And if a country manages to develop a much more efficient electric engine then certainly the high-tech nation Russia.

  4. So, that’s at least the sizes meaningful to me as for the city for a BEV. He should even offer 4 seats. Of course, the quality must satisfy our standards – then the price may be attributable to threefold; Because we need less but better cars – and definitely no electrical 2-3 t Stadtpanzer (SUVs). ID3 and similar are of course o.k., Just like my magnificent Smart 4/2 Cabrio Bev.
    For the replacement of my faithful Diesel C-Class as a touring car, an Aurus FCEV could be interesting.

  5. “There is still a mobile prototype yet.”
    How can this statement be understood for a car that should go into mass production this year?


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