Safety of electric vehicles SKODA | Current Skoda news

Safety of electric vehicles SKODA | Current Skoda news-electric

  • Impact safety and overload protection for the high-voltage battery have top priority
  • High-voltage battery in the SKODA ENYAQ iV placed in the underbody to protect against a crash
  • Fire protection and safety of e-cars confirmed by independent tests

Mlada Boleslav – When developing SKODA iV electric vehicles, the engineers at SKODA AUTO take extensive measures to ensure that the vehicles guarantee maximum safety even in the event of an accident. Particular attention is paid to the impact-safe installation of the high-voltage battery and protection against electrical overload. In the event of an accident, electric vehicles are just as safe as cars with combustion engines.

Modern electric cars protect their passengers in an accident just as efficiently and comprehensively as vehicles with combustion engines. This is also proven by the SKODA ENYAQ iV, which recently received the top five-star rating in the Euro NCAP test continued the series of top results for SKODA vehicles. In terms of occupant protection for adult passengers and children, the purely battery-electric SUV even achieved the best result ever in the European reference test for crash safety. There was no increased risk from the well-protected high-voltage battery of the ENYAQ iV. This is also confirmed by independent studies by accident researchers and fire protection experts: when it comes to crash safety, battery-electric vehicles are on the same level as models with conventional combustion engines.

Ideal design: the battery pack of the SKODA ENYAQ iV is built into the underbody to protect it from crashing
It is very rare for an electric car to catch fire after an accident. Even a violent impact is not enough to start a battery fire. Only in the unlikely event of damage or deformation of the energy store can the battery cells catch fire. In order to reduce this risk, the battery pack in the SKODA ENYAQ iV is installed in the underbody in a crash-proof manner. The modules themselves are housed in a stable, mostly waterproof housing.

Sophisticated safety system in the event of an accident
The engineers pay particular attention to preventing the energy storage device from being overloaded. Sophisticated safety technology with protective relays and extensive sensors ensures that the risk of electrical or thermal overload is minimal. Temperature, state of charge and other parameters of the drive battery are constantly monitored. In addition, the high-voltage system is designed to be intrinsically safe: in the event of a defect or an accident, the electrical components are disconnected from the battery within milliseconds, so that there is no longer any voltage and there is no danger to the passengers.

Independent tests, some of which go far beyond the legal requirements, have shown that the well-protected battery packs remained undamaged despite deformation of the body and that there would not have been an increased risk of fire in a real collision. The integrated switch-off system also responded safely and reliably to all tests.


  • steers successfully through the new decade with the NEXT LEVEL – SKODA STRATEGY 2030.
  • is striving to be one of the five top-selling brands in Europe by 2030 with attractive offers in the entry-level segments and other e-models.
  • develops into the leading European brand in India, Russia and North Africa.
  • currently offers its customers ten car model series: FABIA, RAPID, SCALA, OCTAVIA and SUPERB as well as KAMIQ, KAROQ, KODIAQ, ENYAQ iV and KUSHAQ.
  • delivered over one million vehicles to customers worldwide in 2020.
  • has been part of the Volkswagen Group, one of the world’s most successful automobile manufacturers, for 30 years.
  • manufactures and develops vehicles as well as components such as engines and transmissions independently within the group.
  • maintains three locations in the Czech Republic; manufactures in China, Russia, Slovakia and India primarily through group partnerships and in the Ukraine with a local partner.
  • employs more than 43.000 employees worldwide and is represented in over 100 markets.

SKODA AUTO Deutschland GmbH

  • entered the German market in September 1991.
  • represented in connection with around 1.100 sales and service partners the SKODA brand in Germany.
  • is part of the success story of the traditional Czech brand: in 2020, over 181.000 new SKODA vehicles were registered as passenger cars, which corresponds to a market share of 6.2 percent. SKODA was not only the number one import brand in Germany for the twelfth year in a row, but also further consolidated its position among the well-known volume brands.

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