Sales figures: More and more women own a Porsche


More and more women own a Porsche

Sales figures: More and more women own a Porsche-figures

The proportion of women in Porsche registrations is continuously increasing. In Germany it was twelve percent in 2012.

Source: Porsche

Women love sports cars – especially those from Porsche. And more and more women are no longer satisfied with the passenger side. And they not only drive themselves, they are also the keepers.

KA little boy doesn’t dream of one day owning a Porsche. First of all, there is a fascination with sports cars. Then comes the realization that women can also be impressed with such a vehicle and finally, at an advanced age, a Porsche simply becomes a status symbol.

But the days when a Porsche was a vehicle only for men are over. More and more women are enthusiastic about a Porsche. And Porsche has also contributed quite a bit to its models "suitable for women" close. Today there are no longer any clutch pedals for which you first have to train your leg muscles in order to be able to depress them.

In addition, the Porsche model range has grown significantly. If there used to be only the Porsche 911 – if you leave out the Porsche 914, which is unpopular at Porsche – more and more models with different characters were added from the 1990s. Today there is the Boxster, the Cayman, the Panamera and, above all, a Cayenne.

Boxster and Cayman have the highest percentage of women

Around twelve percent of the 16,100 Porsches sold in Germany last year have an owner in their vehicle documents. Businesswomen in particular want to demonstrate their position in society to the outside world with their own Porsche. The Boxster and Cayman models have the largest share in the women’s registrations.

Worldwide, 20 percent of the two entry-level Porsches are acquired by women. Either they are single women or the Porsche is in the garage as the family’s second car.

The motivation to buy a Cayenne is somewhat different. After all, 15 percent of the vehicles in this off-road vehicle also end up in the hands of women. Despite its size, the Cayenne impresses thanks to its high seating position, good overview, performance and suitability for families. It is practically the universal car for every eventuality. The registrations for the Elfer and Panamera are ten percent women.

Chinese women in particular love Porsches

Porsche also assumes that the proportion of women in sales in Germany is even higher than the official twelve percent listed in the registration statistics. In many families, the man still traditionally buys the car and is entered in the papers as the owner – even if the woman actually pays for the purchase with the money she has earned.

But the twelve percent sales share of women at Porsche in Germany is only a negligibly small number, measured against the approximately 129,000 vehicles sold worldwide. Because especially in China, Porsche is swimming on a real wave of women. In this still young market, in which status symbols are particularly important, the proportion of women is already more than 30 percent of the 30,000 vehicles sold there in 2012.

Observations and analyzes of the individual markets clearly show that the proportion of Porsche drivers and Porsche buyers will continue to rise in the next few years. The domain of sports cars exclusively for men, where women were only seen as decorative accessories, is considered broken.

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