Sales of Tesla breaks over two-thirds in July – in the largest car market

Sales of Tesla breaks over two-thirds in July - in the largest car market-largest

After more than convincing 2. Quarter 2021 Tesla seems to be a little air. Because the American electric car manufacturer sold significantly less e-vehicles in China in July 2021 than in the previous months. According to the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), only 8621 vehicles from the plant in Shanghai went to Chinese customers in July, which were 69 percent less than in June.

The main share of vehicles manufactured in China, just under 33.000 Stromber, were shipped in foreign markets. More than 24.000 E vehicles have found their way there. Some of them were also traveling to Germany to start there with the delivery first Tesla Model Y. That the sales figures after a strong quarter is not unusual. Unusual, however, is the fact that sales returned by more than two-thirds.

For a direct comparison a look at the record suspension June 2021: Tesla had in Shanghai good 28.000 vehicles produced. Only the 5 were exported this month.000 E vehicles, the rest remained in the country. The decline in sold E-cars is due to some problems with which Tesla had to fight in China last. Among other things, there was a big callback due to software problems. In addition, Teslas were banished from certain residential complexes and military complexes because authorities expressed concerns about the cameras of the vehicles, as reported “IT Times”.

Furthermore, it is so that Tesla also gets competition in China. To a paragraph of the ID increases.-Family month for month. But also domestic manufacturers such as BYD look at a strong paragraph. These brought it to more than 50.000 sold e-cars, as Reuters reports. Li car sold 8.539 E cars, Xpeng and Nio 8.040 or 7.931. In the future, Tesla no longer seems to be of course always to have the nose.

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9 thoughts on “Sales of Tesla breaks over two-thirds in July – in the largest car market”

  1. What a shitty Click-Bait heading – Who does not understand Tesla – or as deliberately misunderstood – should not write anything – definitely not so – thank you –
    Here also the request to Sebastian something not easy to post &# 128578;

  2. Why does not the “automotive week” call the concrete sales of VW Year to Date compared to the previous year – like the individual months !!!
    Source criticism for beginners:
    Which OEM actually pays how much for advertising in the “automotive week”
    Spoiler Alert: Tesla does not pay anything &# 128521;
    NOWHERE !!! &# 128578;
    Why probably – right: Tesla sells his vehicles as opposed to VW also without advertising &# 128521;
    So, and now I’m getting off again and drink a “fir-tank” – sorry for advertising at this point &# 128521;

  3. This item is just exhausting so badness.And Sorry Sebastian, but just from the “automotive week” to take over and let unaccreted, is not good journalism.Each e-mobilinteressed knows now that Tesla roam its vehicles at the end of the quarter.And this is the July, after a record quarter, of course with less remote vehicles.Cultivated but the most successful electric autobauer (worldwide) unnecessary.So please differentiate something more soon.

  4. If Tesla sells production in other countries, it is not a burglary but just too much demand and too little production capacity.
    Clear you sell where the best price is achieved

  5. Tesla can not produce as many cars as in demand. Is that so hard to understand ? Since one now supplies the first hot-earned Model Y to Europe automatically reduces availability in China.

  6. As long as Tesla gets 100% of the produced cars, it does not matter where. 100 cars more in China would mean 100 cars less elsewhere. The same info as now for China there was also a year ago. What actually m. E. For a flattening growth at Tesla speaks: that you have not announced a new Gigafactory for a long time. Surely they expand the existing, but expected 80% growth per year the next 9 years would have to be announced slowly a new Gigafactory.

    I think Tesla will explain it like Apple: market leader with relatively high margin, but market share losses. Even if the so far has not come with the market share losses.

  7. I’m laugh with which force the Tesla believers always absurbs the poor operator of this page when only the shadows of criticism falls on their favorite brand. Especially because they did not criticize the last article on this topic with a strong June sales, but jubiled world domination.

    Incidentally, Tesla has to save the respective quarter in the last month, does not speak for, but against her. In the past, it was taken as a statement that the ships arrive only in the last month. You do not have to be a sailor to guess that there is no nautical law behind it. This is about the factory on site. There is certainly no formally logistical reason for a bad July.

    It was reading that there are actually signs for a more critical attitude towards Tesla. The American is, unlike the European, for the average Chinese rather enemy as a friend. If all Teslafan bought and you have to turn to the average customer, that will be a problem. Also, an authoritarian state spying cars are not so great. That should be clear. Especially since the CIA has taped the carts guaranteed.

    P.S.Incidentally, you can congratulate the operator of this site only to the good news selection. Because nothing is better for the range than when it goes up in the comments high.
  8. Remain relaxed, the motto is again …

    It is all aware that the Chinese have more momentum in their market than “non-Chinese car makers” …
    Also VW has felt that and there was already an article here.

    Thus just a polarizing heading with possible explanations in the text profile.
    Sells less in China, but in Europe ..
    Let’s look forward to the many Model Y …

    Everything is fine.

    It remains exciting


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