Sales representative: “Over 65.000 km a year with e-car no problem!”

Sales representative:

Thorsten Burkel, 54 years old and for over 17 years employees of the D.VELOP AG in Gescher has talked toelectroauto, his personal experiences as a sales representative with an E vehicle shared. In about 20 minutes I have with Thorsten about his decision while switching from burners to E-car, his K.O.-Criterion for a plug-in hybrid and of course the topic entertain. Of course we have picked up more topics.

In the professional and private context, Thorsten, in front of Covid-19, about 60.- 70.000 km in the year on the road on the road. Much of it on German; In addition, but on European roads. He is mainly in the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and the Nordic countries. Even to Covid-19 times are almost 20 in one year.000 km. It should also be noted that he has dared before the pandemic the purely electrical change and has already covered large parts of his annual pensum fully electric.

In mid-2019, the question was based on a new company car. From our own interest, he has dealt with cars with alternative drive forms. Relatively fast is the decision that he does not want to drive a burner more. There was a PHEV or a pure electric car. The decision then fell to the e-car, as he had the claim, at least the simple route to the nearest branch (50 km) purely electrically. This was not possible at that time with a partial circulation. The parent house he would not have achieved in a simple route of 150 km anyway on electrical means.

Thorsten has decided for an Audi E-TRON 55. To convince your own company was not difficult, especially because your own boss was already all electricity. By now, Phillip Perlies, Managing Director of the D informed.VELOP PUBLIC SECTOR – A company in the D.VELOP Group with that one is only electricity in the future. “We decided to put 100% on the electromobility this year and only use pure electric vehicles as company cars. Last year, our employees tested both hybrid and Eautos. The result was clear: For our needs and goals, only pure electric vehicles are purposeful, “says Philipp Perplies, Managing Director of the D.VELOP PUBLIC SECTOR in its status update. E-mobility thus holds a great extent.

Back to the experiences of Thorsten as a sales representative with an e-car. Even before the pandemic and in the meantime, he spaced a variety of mileagely electrically. In conversation he betrayed that first every small detail was planned: “At which charging column do I have to load like long; Where is the next pillar (if the planned column is occupied); What is Plan-B?; … “he now simply goes on it. “The built-in Navi already shows me if I will create the route in a train or if I have to stop. It now shows me where exactly I have to load and whether the column is free.”

Of course, he also had negative experiences with the loading infrastructure. But has learned from it and discontinued. That you have a stop more implant, a little more time takes and thus more relaxed at the customer or after work at home arrives. “Since I drive the e-car my travel has become much more relaxed. I need just longer to come from A to B. But that’s mainly because I drive slow and relaxed, “says Thorsten already in his first review of our portal.

In terms of time management, he does not get in stress. Because so much more time does not he need, as he has thought before the acquisition of his e-car: “I’m planning for the journey more time; as simple as that. And if you calculate it on a driving distance of 500 km, then I need now just 45 to 60 minutes more.”At the end of the conversation can be held: his work did not hurt the e-car. On the contrary; It brought thorsten even many great talks. Both private; as well as official. Whatever may be that even 2022 there is an “exotic” topic: “E-car and field service”. But stop myself.

You are welcome to send me questions about e-mobility by mail, which deal with you in everyday life. The answer to it could also be of interest to other listeners of the podcast. As always, reviews, comments and co. Of course I am happy. So gladly, also for the topic suggestions already mentioned. And about a positive rating, at the podcast provider of your choice, I am of course very happy! thank you.

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6 thoughts on “Sales representative: “Over 65.000 km a year with e-car no problem!””

  1. I never had a sales representative, but what needs to be a fearful job, if you only sitting in the car almost half of his working time. At 70.000km a year and 200 working days, 350km daily. For me a scary idea. And so important I find personal contacts and talks, I wonder if every ride is necessary, in the digital age?

    But a nice report that shows that the emotion is already working full, even for frequent riders.

  2. I can understand that all. Also I use my electric car for private and professional long-hauls. Because I live in the Greater Berlin and only ionity uses are the routes and charging points very simple: east I never drive, north I do not need to load on the way, so only the west and east remains. There are three highways in question, means the number of possible fast loaders is a small number. She knows it quickly, because it is a single-digit number on the first 500 km of every trip. In contrast to the Audi, the Tacyan loads really fast and creates 80% average loading speeds by 200 kW. This is how the stop is currently checking for emails.

  3. I can sign every word from Mr. Burkel.
    I also drive electrically since June 21 in the field service (VW ID.4).
    Despite Corona in the period about 25000km private and business.
    Defective columns are still available, but are rare. Meanwhile, the density is sufficient to achieve the next HPC column with a residual range of 50-60km.
    At least in southern Germany.
    Yes, in the east of Germany (V.a. Northern / Eastern Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) there is unfortunately even larger gaps.
    These will be significantly smaller over time.
    New locations are opened almost every day.

  4. A Phev hybrid car is not recommended for long-distance and permanently higher speed anyway.
    Hybrid plays its advantages in short, city and from and on medium distance.

  5. If you are at 65.000km a year per 500km approx. 45-60min more needs, you stand in 97 – 130h extra on charging columns. Or otherwise expressed: 3 full work weeks.

    You can do if you do not like to be with the family ..

  6. I work in the field service, for about a month I am in my Enyaq. I am currently coming to about 50000km. On average, I’ll come to the 250-300km. So that’s easy to do with a filling. Loading is then at home on the box. For the way I have a EnBW card, but I have used only for my vacation trip from Hamburg to Rosenheim and that was totally relaxed. In general, I find that E-car and field service is really a good combi. I am far less stressed, driving attentive and more economical. I can only recommend it, have not discovered a disadvantage, because even a break in the car is more pleasant, because the heating runs independently of the engine and steal per hour at most 10km. That was really really fies in winter in my diesel, either it was cold or you had to run him.


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