Sales start for EQS: E-flagship of Mercedes-Benz from 106.000 EURO

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Sales start for EQS: E-flagship of Mercedes-Benz from 106.000 EURO-sales

From now on the first fully electric luxury sedan of Mercedes-EQ at prices from 106.374.10 euros or 135.529.10 Euro ordered. The two model variants EQS 450+ with 245 kW and EQS 580 4MATIC with 385 kW in Germany are delivered from the end of September, in the US in the fourth quarter. Metallic paint and leather amenities are standard in Germany.

The first model is the EQS on the modular architecture for electric vehicles of the luxury and upper class. The EQS is intended to combine technology, design, functionality and connectivity in a completely new way, so the manufacturer in a current message. The first Mercedes-Benz also offers the opportunity to enable completely new vehicle functions via over-the-air updates (OTA) in many areas.

Mercedes-Benz Bank offers private and commercial customers financing and leasing conditions for the EQS, including a subscription model. Two vehicle insurance including electric protection can be completed online. Special services such as all-haul coverage for the battery or co-insurance of the charging cable are also integrated. As particularly interesting, the provider highlights the telematics insurance INSCORE. Through its own driving behavior, up to 30 percent of the premium should be saved.

In the Mercedes Me Store: New OTA functions

The first Mercedes-Benz the EQs offers the opportunity to enable completely new vehicle functions via over-the-air updates (OTA) in many areas. The offer for the market introduction:

  • The individualization package with the additional sound experience “Roaring Pulse” and several mini games (Tetris, Sudoku, Pairs, Shuffle Puck). In addition, the package includes additional digital light animations for opening and closing (12 months use included in the purchase price, then extension over Mercedes Me possible for 89 euros)
  • The two special driving programs truck and parking service mode (package price: 50 euros)
  • The Highlight Mode: The vehicle introduces itself and its equipment highlights yourself, activatable via language assistant “Hey Mercedes”

The offer of OTA functions should be successively expanded. So after the purchase and the original new car configuration, some equipment of the EQS can be adapted according to the personal wishes. This includes the activation of the rear axle steering with 10 ° steering angle. In addition to a classic purchase of individual functions, customers can also conclude subscriptions. Also temporary activations and free test phases are planned.

After acquiring the Mercedes Me Store, the new OTA function is released freely in the background. In the central display, a corresponding note appears. The communication module installed in the vehicle transfers the data via mobile.

Exclusive special model to start: Edition 1

For a limited period and at an additional cost to 18.433.10 Euro The new EQS is also offered as an exclusive special model Edition 1: Outside Amg Line and 21-inch wheels should enhance the vehicle athletic. Highlights in the interior include a color concept and high-quality comforts available only in the edition 1.

The elements of Edition 1 in the exterior:

  • Metallic Clack Obsidian Black
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • 53.3 cm (21 “) AMG alloy wheels in multi-spoke design
  • “Edition 1” plaque in the disk trails in front of the outside mirrors

The elements of Edition 1 in the interior:

  • Upholstery Designo Leather Nappa Nevagrau / Reflex Blue
  • Comfort seat including 4-way lumbar support and contour lighting
  • Multikonture seats for driver and front passenger
  • Upper instrument panel and on-board edges in Nappaoptik Reflex Blue
  • Ornamental elements wood walnut ship’s deck open porch
  • Design belt locks front and rear
  • Floor mats with “Edition 1” lettering and piping in reflex blue
  • Sills with illuminated “Edition 1” lettertzug in white

Even more intelligent technology: the most important special equipment

The handling and dynamic impression of the EQs should contribute the standard rear axle steering with a steering angle of up to 4.5 °. Alternatively, a rear axle steering can be ordered with a impact of up to 10 ° (1547 euros). This makes a turning circle of the over five meter long EQs of 10.9 meters possible.

The preserving for the Intelligent Park Pilot is part of the park package with remote parking functions (1844.50 euros). This is the EQs for Automated Valet Parking (AVP, SAE Level 4) is prepared. Together with the required special equipment and the corresponding Connect service, the vehicle has the technology on board to fully automated and driving off and offsetting. Prerequisites are that the car parks are equipped with AVP infrastructure and allow the national laws such a company. The Connect service has country-dependent specifics.

As an absolute highlight in the interior, the manufacturer praises the MBUX Hyperscreen (series at EQS 580 4Matic, surcharge at EQS 450+: 8568 Euro). This large, curved screen unit runs sweeping across the cockpit almost completely from A-pillar to A-pillar. Three screens sit under a cover glass and merge visually. With the 12.3-inch OLED display for the passenger, this has its own display and operating area.

Sales start for EQS: E-flagship of Mercedes-Benz from 106.000 EURO-salesMercedes Benz

With ENERGIZING Air Control Plus (535.50 Euro) Mercedes-Benz thinks the topic of air quality holderfully at the EQS. The system builds on the column filtration, sensor, display concept and air conditioning. The HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters out dust, smallest particles, pollen and other fabrics from the inflammatory outdoor air on its very high filtration level. The activated carbon coating should reduce sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides as well as odors in the interior. The interior filter has received 2021 by the Austrian Research and Test Institute (OFI) the certification “OFI CERT” ZG 250-1 in the area of viruses and bacteria. About the pre-climatization is a cleaning of the internal air already possible before boarding. The fine dust values outside and within the vehicle are also displayed in MBUX. In your own Air Quality menu you are experienced in detail.

With the holistic sound staging in the EQs the paradigm shift from the burner to the electric car is also audible. Various sound worlds allow Mercedes-Benz according to an individual acoustic set-up. In conjunction with the Burmester Surround sound system (1428 euros), the EQS has the two sound worlds Silver Waves and Vivid Flux. As Sound Experiences, you can be selected and controlled on the central display. The Burmester surround sound system includes 15 speakers and offers a system performance of 710 watts.

Practical bundling: The essential packages

The Advanced Package (2082.50 Euro) includes the assistance package with the driving assistance systems Active Distance Wizard DISTRONIC and TOTWINDLE assistant. Further components are MBUX Augmented Reality for navigation, illuminated door sills with Mercedes-Benz lettering and a storage compartment under the center console.

The Advanced Plus package (7021 euros) includes the driving assistance package plus in addition to the Advanced package, the Park package with 360 ° camera and Digital Light. Digital Light has a light module with three extremely bright LEDs in each headlight, whose light is broken and directed with the aid of 1.3 million micromirrors. The revolutionary headlight technology can also project auxiliary markings or warning symbols on the road. New are two assistance functions: The EQS can display and warn the start of a cooperative lane change or warn a directional instruction if the tracking or dead angle assistant recognizes a danger.

Sales start for EQS: E-flagship of Mercedes-Benz from 106.000 EURO-mercedes-benzMercedes Benz

The premium package (11.781 Euro) should lift the EQS on a top equipment level. The equipment details in addition to the content of the Advanced and Advanced Plus packages: Panorama sunroof, Burmester surround sound system, head-up display and automatic air conditioning Thermotronic.

Even more comfort offer the premium plus package (14.994 euros). In addition to the content of the Advanced packages and the premium package, it includes multi-contour seats for drivers and front passenger as well as the Air Balance package.

Many advantages in one of the largest shops worldwide

With Mercedes Me Charge, customers have been loading green since 2021 at every public charging station of this network throughout Europe. High-quality proof of origin should ensure that so much green electricity from renewable energies is fed into the grid, as removed via Mercedes Me Charge. In the first three years after the purchase of an EQs is not a basic fee for Mercedes Me Charge and thus Green Charging for customers. Another advantage is Ionity Unlimited: All European EQS customers can use the ionity rapid store net for a year via Mercedes Me Charge for a year.

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5 thoughts on “Sales start for EQS: E-flagship of Mercedes-Benz from 106.000 EURO”

  1. Really great car …
    Just not my price range ….

    Since you have probably oriented clearly on Model S and apart from the upper class …
    Would be glad if many burner drivers change to the EQs and all the battleships on the streets are replaced by this.

    For the mass market is probably nothing … for the EQA needs already N special fetish &# 128521;

    It remains exciting

  2. For 106.But you do not get all the great things that make the EQs to the car from advertising:
    No hyperscreen
    No 700 km range
    No Head Up Augmented Reality Display
    no send 21 “rims
    No Nappa Leather Comfort Seat ( &# 128521; David)
    No premium sound
    no ……

    If you make the necessary “clicks” you are fast beyond the 165.000 € – Just visit the tedious configurator yourself &# 128578;
    Who has the necessary money but gets a really top equipped dream Bev
    Continue so Mercedes – just turn something on the price screw &# 128578;

  3. Supercar. Technically a nice thing. Visually, he is not quite my case, but with AMG package and bright exterior color as well as the special grill you get there a lot of anxious car. 125k would cost “my”. No unrealistic price. People are striking. The luxury class / upper class becomes electric.

  4. Oh man / woman / diverse – I’ll be dizzy when reading: because it is still not a fully autonomous car. Who should use this whole Firefanz systems in addition to the driver’s necessary attention? – And the passenger * in Daddelt then on the MBUX Hyperscreen. Unless you stand with these battleships (as more and more often) in the traffic jam – then the individualization package would be used with the “Roaring Sound Experience”, Sudoku and Shuffle Puck.
    I hope for my Daimler shares on rising sales in Germany and abroad. The Federal Government and Chinese playful buyers could make it possible. The price is almost ridiculously small compared to other luxury brands.
    I look forward to my totally practical BEV – a 1 lever smart 4/2 convertible (the radio is the 2. Button) – and hope a non-SUV Mirai alternative to replace my faithful Diesel C-Class as a travel vehicle with an FCEV.


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