Samsung SDI is intended to supply VWS latest e-auto batteries

Samsung SDI is intended to supply VWS latest e-auto batteries-e-auto

The South Korean battery manufacturer Samsung SDI should have the order to take on the production of its new electric car batteries for Volkswagen, which of the motor economies presented on the Power Day in March. This reports the Korean portal The ELEC with appeal to the process of familiar persons. Accordingly, Samsung SDI is to perform a not closer part of the production of the prismatic unit cell, which is to be used in more than 80 percent of Volkswagen e-cars.

However, it is not yet known when the partnership or partnership. The delivery of the new battery cells starts and whether the South Korean company is the only job manufacturer for the new batteries. It is well possible that Gotion High-Tech from China, where Volkswagen is the largest shareholder, and Sweden’s Northvolt, where the German car hire is also involved, take part of the order production.

The German car concerts is the largest customer of the South Korean company for electric car batteries. According to the ELEC, the ELEC is about half of the turnover from this division. BMW is about 30 percent, which from the merger of PSA and FCA carconers Stellantis makes a good 20 percent.

It is unclear whether Samsung SDI only produces the battery cells according to Volkswagen’s specifications, or is already involved in the development, and in which work the production should take place. According to the ELEC, it is likely that Samsung SDI will be more than just a job manufacturer.

Volkswagen had also announced on his Power Day, to build six battery cell factories in Europe by 2030, with a production capacity of 240 GWh. The prismatic unit cell should already be used from 2023. Depending on the purpose, three different cellemias are planned, but the format should be the same with each variant. With the unit format, VW wants to significantly reduce the manufacturing cost of e-auto batteries.

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