Samsung SDI will market battery types under one brand in the future

Samsung SDI will market battery types under one brand in the future-types

Samsung SDI battery cells can be found in BMW and Fiat battery packs. For VW, they should deliver the prismatic unit cell in the future, which is to be used in more than 80 percent of Volkswagen e-cars. Industry newcomer Rivian also relies on South Korean technology. The manufacturer is now marketing its battery cells under the “PRiMX” brand, which stands for “Prime Battery for Maximum Experience”. Trademark registration for Europe has already been completed and will soon follow in the USA.

All battery types that Samsung SDI currently offers and will develop in the future will be offered under the new brand – from prismatic and round cells to the upcoming solid state batteries. “PRiMX is a battery brand that conveys Samsung SDI’s unique identity,” said Michael Son, executive vice president of Samsung SDI in a press release.

Along with the brand launch, the company is also focusing on new materials and strengthening quality control. A high-nickel cathode and silicon anode is currently being worked on, but details were not disclosed. Advanced error detection algorithms and artificial intelligence are to be used in quality control in the future. The monitoring then includes over 500 factors throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Samsung SDI is the world’s third largest supplier of electric car batteries, and ranks sixth in the overall battery market. The company operates an assembly plant for high-voltage batteries near Graz in Austria, where prototypes are also developed, tested and built. Another plant is located in GOd in Hungary, which is currently being significantly expanded. According to Seoul-based market tracker SNE Research, sales grew 60.7 percent last year.

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