SAP wants 27.000 vehicles to e-cars by 2030

SAP wants 27.000 vehicles to e-cars by 2030-vehicles

SAP SE is providing its vehicle fleet from 27.000 company vehicles on emission-free cars and will no longer allow the order of vehicles with internal combustion engines from 2025. The Walldorfer company assumes that the fleet, which is largely in Germany, is completely electrically operated by 2030. With the conversion of the fleet, the SAP is closer to your own ambitious climate goals.

The Walldorfer company had only been on his project in the spring, to become climate-neutral, at 2023 and thus preferred for two years. SAP reacts with the current measure to a large influence factor in emissions causers in their own company: the fuel consumption of their own fleet. How to recognize it is necessary to reduce the emissions of the fleet and completely eliminate in the medium term. In addition, the company also offers a range of new sustainable software solutions to support customers on their way to Net Zero. This includes business applications that enable transparency and measurability across the entire supply chain and offer a path to sustainable business models.

“Climate protection is one of the most urgent challenges worldwide. It is our claim to be part of the solution. Our fleet is an important factor in this. We also want to give our customers the best possible support so that they too can achieve their climate targets. That is why we are consistently expanding our portfolio of sustainability solutions.“ – Luka Mucic, Chief Financial Officer of SAP

SAP added electric cars to its fleet back in 2010 and since then has steadily increased their share to almost 20 percent today. The German software manufacturer SAP announced at the end of 2016 that it intends to convert a fifth of its fleet to electric cars by 2020. In February 2018 there was an initial interim status from SAP, and again in early March 2020. Before the focus was clearly placed on alternative drives in December last year.

The company is actively creating incentives to encourage employees to switch to electric vehicles. In some countries, employees are already receiving financial support for charging at home. In addition, SAP is continuously expanding the company’s own charging infrastructure in order to meet the increasing charging requirements. Employees are increasingly demanding alternative and sustainable mobility options. For this reason, SAP is offering a mobility budget as an alternative to the company car as part of a Germany-wide pilot project. This enables employees to use a specific monthly budget for different means of transport.

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  1. 20% electric cars in the SAP fleet today, for sure?
    In the headquarters region, I’m practically a “SAP neighbor” and the figure of 20% at least doesn’t match my personal impression and my observations. probably will or. were there again electrified (plug-in) counted 😉

    By the way: I can also remember the first electric cars in front of the SAP building about 10 years ago (Ampera). Were of course very manageable many or. few, of course.

    Be that as it may, hats off to the initiative and the intentions! respect.

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