Save taxes: How your car becomes a truck

There are many hurdles

Save taxes: How your car becomes a truck

Save taxes: How your car becomes a truck-screams this pickup continues easily
dpa With the right tips you can save a lot with the vehicle tax

  • Site expert Andreas Reichert

Cars or trucks? From a tax perspective, this is not so clear. You can benefit from this point of view: If you turn your car out of your car, you can save a lot of taxes. However, this is not quite simple.

How high the vehicle tax is depends on the car, which exhaust gas standard (Euro 5, Euro 6 etc.) The car has and how big the engine is. It also depends on whether the car has a petrol or diesel engine or even driven by an electric motor. The following applies: vehicles with diesel engines are the most expensive tax. Example: Mr. Backer drives an old panel van with Euro 1 standard. The diesel engine with a displacement of 1.6 liters has only one output of 54 hp. Mr. Backer has to pay a proud 437 euros in vehicle taxes every year because the vehicle is approved as a car.

Pollutant standard and CO2 decisive

In newer vehicles, the calculation of the vehicle tax is more complicated. In addition to the pollutant standard and the size of the displacement, it also depends on how much CO2 the car emits. However, since newer vehicles achieve better exhaust gas standard, they are always cheaper than comparable older vehicles.Example: Mr. Meier is buying a new panel van. The 1.6 liter diesel engine makes 110 hp. Mr. Meier pays only 200 euros tax for his new car per year. However, he can save even more.
The highlight: In the case of a truck, the vehicle tax is not calculated according to the displacement, but according to the permissible total weight of the vehicle. The idea sounds absurd, but Mr. Meier’s new panel van would only cost 124 euros per year as a truck.

Can your golf that too? What you can do with a pickup

Save taxes: How your car becomes a truck-screams this pickup continues easily

Can your golf that too? What you can do with a pickup

So a truck becomes a car

In order for a car as a truck to be approved, certain requirements must be met and therefore conversions on the vehicle often have to be met:

1. The cargo space should be separated from the passenger compartment.2. The car must be a high loading volume or. have a high load space length. There are no fixed figures for the size of the loading area, but there are indications of various judgments: the loading area of the vehicle should be greater than the area of the passenger space. Here the registration as a truck usually fails. Because even a pick-up with a double cabin can often not meet this requirement (BFH, judgment of the judgment of 29.8th.2012, file number II R 7/11).If you are not afraid of the conversion and the costs, you should consider: in the back, almost always the windows have to be expanded and replaced by sheet metal. If there is a rear seat bench, it usually has to be removed. Even the rail for the rear seat bench and the belt locks must be removed. After that, the TuV or DEKRA must also lose weight. There are also costs for changing the vehicle registration certificate.

Save taxes: How your car becomes a truck-taxes
Dacia Boxes and high-roof combination are also available with sheets instead of windows

The conversion is worth it?

The cost of a corresponding renovation can quickly go into thousands. Car drivers who want to allow their car as a truck should consider whether the conversion is worthwhile or it is cheaper to sell the car. Instead, you could buy a new car that can be approved directly as a truck.Tip: With the "vehicle tax app" from the Federal Ministry of Finance, you have the option of calculating your vehicle tax when buying the car. If you want to be sure that the car can also be approved as a truck, you should ask the responsible customs office beforehand.So it looks bad for Mr. Backer with the old panel van. After all, he would only save 76 euros per year.

About the author

Andreas Reichert is a tax consultant and board member at AG Steuerberatungsgesellschaft. The studied economist was appointed tax consultant in 2003. He has been for the ETL tax consultancy since 2012 and has been a co -founder for Felix1 since active.

Allow special vehicles as trucks

The situation is different with vehicles that have a very large engine. The tax savings are much larger here.Example: Mr. Schmidt drives a lobster (H1) with 6.5 liter displacement. Annually, 1777 euros vehicle tax is to be paid if the lobster is approved as a car. Not even 290 euros are incurred as trucks – a saving of 1487 euros per year.

Save taxes: How your car becomes a truck-screams this pickup continues easily
lobster Hummer H1: The off-road monster becomes a rarity

The catch: Especially with this vehicle it is not so easy to get a truck approval (BFH, judgment of 5.12.2012, file number II R 23/11). The passenger compartment is very large in this model in relation to the loading area. The passengers that passengers cannot use is also part of the passenger – for example, the huge center console for lobsters. It even depends on whether the surface of the loading area can be assigned to the wheel boxes. According to the BFH, this depends on the distance to the upper edge of the loading edge – after all, the area otherwise cannot be used as a loading area if the resilience is given. The conversion is therefore difficult and will become all the more expensive.

Loss of value in new cars

  • As soon as a new car rolls off the farm, it loses value. Basically: The loss of value of a car starts quickly and then slowly flattened off.
  • The average loss of value across all car classes is 15 with an annual mileage of 15.000 kilometers in the first year after the new registration 24.2 percent.
  • In the following years it was only around five to six percent.
  • Site and the residual value experts from Bahr & Fess Forecasts have been analyzing the loss of value of new models since 2010 and chosen twice a year "Residual value giant", which have established themselves as a fixed size in the car industry. In our special "residual value" Find all data, facts and relationships on the subject.

Conclusion: For vehicles with small engines, the conversion is usually not worthwhile. The tax savings are simply too low. Only if your vehicle has a particularly large engine should you think about a retrofitting or buy another vehicle right away.

Sunday and holiday driving ban

Anyone who has taken all of these hurdles and managed to allow their car as a truck should still know the following: These "PLKW’s" do not fall under the driving ban on Sundays and public holidays. Because hardly a car will weigh over 7.5 tons. However, trucks that are lighter than 7.5 tons must not pull fans on Sundays and public holidays. The driving ban applies on these days between 0:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.

When SUV screams in the mud in the mud, this pickup continues easily

Save taxes: How your car becomes a truck-screams this pickup continues easily

Site When SUV screams in the mud in the mud, this pickup continues easily

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  1. Unfortunately, in some cases
    The customs office problems.(Depending on the place of residence) Allow cars as a truck is a matter of consideration . Remodeling can … Make a man yourself. If necessary, vehicle must also be shown. It may be worthwhile for older vehicles where only Euro 1, E 1 or G Kat is standing . before with diesel .Vehicle should be a combination or vehicle with tailgate, u, of course, pick up, bullis .If cars only drove for 1 or 2 years, we are hardly worth it .In some cases, insurance becomes more expensive, but does not have to .Disadvantage of cars with truck approval does not receive any cheap breakdown service from the insurance company . He has to connect this to other breakdown service.Advantage no km staggering as with car insurance. to clarify in the event of insurance if cars are registered again later whether there are disadvantages .

  2. What kind of
    An old hat. I had a small Renault car from Renault over 30 years ago as an assembly vehicle with truck approval. The advantage: not the large diesel engine was taxed, but the payload, here 0.5 to. Minimal tax. And insurance also practical. Even as a bloody beginner, you started with only 100% and was in 3. Year already at 50%. So the whole thing is an alternative for beginners.

  3. Tax office decides
    TuV or DEKRA have to remove the conversion and the conversion is entered by the opening agency. This is followed.D.R. A request from the tax office to demonstrate the vehicle, and they decide whether this is a truck for tax purposes, sometimes very arbitrary.

  4. !!
    Save a very interesting trick for control! Since I have started my own business this year, I will definitely take advantage of the services of a tax advisor. I will ask if that may also make sense for my transporter.

  5. Better ask the tax office
    The tax offices know the tricks. Even new vehicles that have trucks in the vehicle appearance ex works are assessed by the tax offices according to their criteria and then under certain circumstances taxed as a car. Then, in addition to the tax disadvantage, you also have the expensive vehicle insurance on the cheek, as this calculates the much more expensive bonuses for trucks. The tax advisor will not help.

  6. 1% regulation not applicable for companies
    In the event of a truck approval, the tax office may not apply the 1% rule for private trips. With an expensive vehicle, despite the higher insurance, it can still be worthwhile to upgrade. (BMF write from 21.1.2002 pointed out that the 1% rule is generally not to be applied)

  7. Expert, good joke
    Site expert Andreas Reichert! Mr. Reichert, you should also write that in several cases the insurance premium for trucks is significantly higher than for cars. Building blocks such as discount protection do not exist in 99% of truck insurance contracts and the downgrading in the event of damage is also disadvantageous for the truck customer. You should do that urgently.

  8. Great logic
    If you really think about reporting the vehicle as a truck, you also have a problem with the top speed. If the permissible speed for trucks in the event of an accident, it can be quite expensive. What about the possibility of loading, maximum permissible total weight! Poorly researched report, too one -sided. What predominates? advantages disadvantages

  9. I could…
    …Use my Pajero as a truck for years and if I wanted to use it for the family, then clean it, sit in and you’re done. Then came Merkel. From with truck tax. Even a motorhome was now a car, even retrospectively. Thank you. Has saved me a lot of money and brought me to work. Now I have only allowed the vehicles if I needed them and only one thing. Although it costs 20 €, but saves 80 € per month at the VACKO. At the end of the year, Merkel made less control of me than before when I had both approved as a truck all year round.

  10. Install seats?
    You have installed the seats if necessary? As far as I know, of course forbidden. Otherwise everyone would do that…

  11. The meaningless article…
    What should that tell us now??? The article suggests the reader that he can save if you convert your car to the truck (I think if you have a car you also want to use it as a car) but at the same time lists the enormous ((also financial) effort for conversion, TuV acceptance, Lords, disadvantages that counteract and make such undertaking and make pointless, from the weekend ban on a trailer operation. Conclusion.. Somehow a more than liquid report

  12. Whoever can read has a clear advantage!
    Maybe you should first read the entire arctic before taking criticism! So what is more meaningless your comment or the article? I think your comment.

  13. Convert cars as a truck?
    Dear editors, a question about the meaning of this article – for which reader this article is intended? Because according to your own conclusion, almost all cars are not worth registering as a truck because the previously conversion exceeds the savings. I personally assume that the quota takes place in the very low alcohol area and maybe when it comes up to 1 out of 50.000 car leveled! Because if I only have to spend 1000 euros on the removal, re -registration and so on, and then saved 100 euros per year, I would have to drive the car for 10 years to have the costs in! This is just an example, because you write yourself that the costs could go into the thousands. So the final conclusion writes articles that the reader needs and no filling material!!!


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