Save up to 34 cents! In these neighboring countries they are now filling up cheaper

Where is it worth?

Save up to 34 cents per liter! In these neighboring countries they are now filling up cheaper

Save up to 34 cents! In these neighboring countries they are now filling up cheaper-neighboring

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Frustration, anger and long faces on the German petrol pumps. The fuel price explodes. The liter of diesel is more expensive than ever before. This attracts German drivers to cheaper countries, but where can the fuel be at a small price?

As the ADAC reports, drivers had to pay an average of 1.55 euros per liter of diesel in a nationwide manner and thus more than ever. For petrol of the variety super (E10), an average of 1.66 euros per liter were due. That is only a few tenth cent from the all -time high. According to the Clever comparison app, drivers for Superplus are currently paying 1.94 euros.

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The high fuel prices lure German drivers to neighboring countries. There was a lot of operation on the Czech border, especially on the Czech border. Not only the cars were filled up, but also the reserve canister was filled.

The ADAC shows how violent the differences are in a price analysis. Motorists have to pay only 1.23 euros for diesel on average in the Czech Republic on Monday in the Czech Republic. Petrol (great) costs 1.32 euros. The saving is 33 cents for the liter of diesel and a proud 34 cents for the liter of great. If drivers will fill up 45 liters, ideally you can save up to 11.56 euros.

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If you live on the Polish border, you can also save good money. The liter of diesel costs an average of 1.22 euros for the neighbors on Monday, there is great for 1.28 euros and Super Plus for the equivalent of 1.33 euros per liter. A full diesel tank filling with 60 liters would cost an average of 73.20 euros in Poland – in Germany again 93 euros. That is 19.80 euros more per tank process.


Fueling is also cheaper in Luxembourg compared to Germany. The liter of diesel is available there for 1.25 euros (Germany: 1.55 euros) and the liter great for 1.47 euros (in Germany E10 for 1.66 euros). Anyone who fuels petrol saves at 45 liters of over 8.70 euros.


In Austria, the liter of diesel costs an average of 1.34 euros, there is great for 1.33 and Super Plus for 1.61 euros. The saving is therefore 21 cents for diesel, 34 cents for great and proud 33 cents for Super Plus. Those who are more expensive to fuel the most expensive type of fuel saves a whopping 14.85 euros at 45 liters.


Diesel costs an average of 1.47 euros per liter for the French neighbors, super 1.60 euros and Super Plus even 1.67 euros. Drivers save 8 cents and the liter of Super 6 cents at the liter of diesel and 27 cents at Super Plus.


The fuel is as expensive as in Germany for neighbors from Switzerland. The liter of diesel costs 1.58 euros and super 1.60 euros. Only with Superplus can drivers save a lot. On average up to 29 cents per liter.


It is also cheap in Belgium, but the savings are not too big. Diesel costs 1.57 euros in Belgium and an average of 1.67 euros.

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The liter price for super lead-free costs the equivalent of 1.80 euros in Denmark and diesel 1.57 euros. This is a price surcharge compared to Germany of 24 or 16 cents per liter.


Heart racing also receives drivers at the Dutch petrol pumps. The liter of diesel is an average of 1.59 euros, great costs 1.97 euros and the liter of Super Plus is available for 2.05 euros.

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Save up to 34 cents! In these neighboring countries they are now filling up cheaper-these

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  1. Who believes it
    It’s worth driving abroad to fuel, which cannot count properly in 95% of all cases. … Please ask for invoices that are plausible that refueling abroad is worthwhile. P.S. I only have 7 km to the Czech Republic, but is still not worth it.

  2. Thanks to the fuel tourists
    At least they contribute to a small part not to make the German climate balance even worse. What is affected abroad is burdened as consumption the climate balance there.

  3. Reach
    The Greens the opposite of what they want. During the price differences, the drivers of the nearby border area will drive across the border and recharge their batteries. Fueling tourism will be booming because our neighbors are not so ideologically blinded and offer the fuel cheaper. As a consequence, more CO2 is blown into the air than before. You should just think a little further.

  4. Nanu
    How can it be that petrol is so much cheaper in the neighboring countries? It can’t be the Moravian from the oil price, because it will meet everyone the same. So who drives the price with us?

  5. Mr. Zeidner. Very well analyzed.
    Of course, the neighboring countries also charge mineral oil tax. And if tax revenues are missing, the EU is asked for help. If the money is not enough. We as the biggest net payer finance this . Because with us there is mercilessly cashed in. Obligations and contracts are the top priority with us. Only if it fits. Without us there would be no EU.

  6. France is wrong
    You can’t compare with great and great plus with Superplus. In France there is only great E10 and if you want to have E5 (what is great with us).

  7. E10 petrol vouchers …
    There used to be benzingutacheine, you could do that for certain quantities without VAT. bring. E5 could be let out from 2022, we absolutely have to save Fossil and finally pack level France.

  8. So we will be from Merkel u. Co. ripped off
    You might think in the other EU.Countries would have no pollution and.Climate change. Only we Deutschewe rden from the EU U. the Merkel government, none in terms of environmental protection and.Germany causes just 2.5 % u.The greenhouse gas emissions in Germany dropped by 5.4 compared to the previous year. This corresponds to a reduction of 35.1 percent.And yet we have the highest energy costs from the whole EU. So z.B. Belgium 11.87 tons of emission u.The little Luxembourg even 18.45 tons, Germany, on the other hand, 11.44. And then WRI is always presented as a Buhmanner when it comes to environmental polluting. And that must finally stop! Only U.The only thing to do is to rip off ourselves.How we have to work it out does not matter

  9. Correctly seen!
    With the introduction of the CO2 tax, everything has automatically increased and for aemut in the population.This wrong way costs jobs and worsens the living conditions of the people.Many will soon no longer be able to pay for the costs and what does the government do? nothing!!!

  10. CO2 tax
    And what does the German voter do ??? I agree ! Just choose these politicians. No whining helps afterwards.And don’t worry, it will come a lot worse.


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