Savings fun and driving pleasure

Audi A4 2.0 TDI

Savings fun and driving pleasure

Savings fun and driving pleasure-savings
The new A4 has won significantly in driving comfort

Savings fun and driving pleasure-driving

Audi A4 2.0 TDI: The savings and fun limousine

Despite the stingy handling of the fuel, the A4 2 is.0 TDI anything but a fun -free eco -mobile. The 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbodiesel with common rail injection produces 143 hp and develops a maximum torque of 320 Newton meters. Enough to accelerate the limousine weighing around 1.5 tons in 9.4 seconds to 100 km/h and up to a top speed of 215 km/h. However, the latter takes some time and free route, because above 180 km/h the propulsion noticeably subsides. When it comes to running rest, folding performance and the joy of shooting, the drive is convincing across the board.
Mizo front drive
There are problems with the traction. The sudden turbo bums known from the previous engines is missing. But the maximum torque, which is already fully at 1750 rpm, likes to let the driven front wheels go crazy and frequently. Once you have got used to the fact that the elastic engine also allows very low -speed driving, the front runs rarely sharpen, for example in the deliberately sporty curve hunt through serpentines.
The other driving characteristics of the new A4 are at a very high level. Thanks to the front axle, which continues forward, the ring carrier has become less head -heavy and more dynamic. The body lends little to the side. However, the Ingolstadt residents bought this with a rather modest slow driving comfort. Despite the mild bike size (16-inch winter tire), the test car spoke in terms of canal lids and other short bumps, reminds of the unexpoque of the BMW competition with the harder breakdown tires. The adaptive dampers (Magnetic Ride) would probably be the remedy here, however,. At the latest from the land street pace, the Audi, on the other hand, also ironed out the bumps of roads so confidently and quietly and lets larger distances melt away with noise and comfortably.
There is a step back on the new 6-speed gearbox. The switching unit still scores with short paths. However, it does not convey the much-tavernal exact lightness of the Audi transmission. The gears 1, 3 and 5 are sometimes difficult to insert.

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10 thoughts on “Savings fun and driving pleasure”

  1. Alternative to the new Audi A4
    Driving since 1999 (approx. 400000 km) a Passat B3 TDI PD, 115 HP (Euro 3), which offers similar … Comfort (Z.B. Xenon) for much less money. The driving performance is also comparable in practice (10 seconds., ca. 210 km/h). The new A4 seems almost as replica of the B3 concept. The price comparison B3 at that time € 23,000, A4 today with the same extras 35000 €. What a Nepp!

  2. Much too big
    He is actually pretty, the new A4. But why does new Audi model generation always have to be much larger? It may be that people on this earth are evolutionary bigger. But drive an older A3 yourself. I drove the new time. Despite the 200 hp that the car had, he hardly went better than my age. It’s not fun driving

  3. Finally insight…
    According to the steel industry, coal mining (both massively subsidized), automotive construction will also suffer the same fate. And why? Because you do not recognize the signs of the time and the wrong horse called "larger and fast" … Admittedly, this Audi is a little ray of hope, but the rest of the model range is not… You can’t stop the future!

  4. Again to notify
    Who pays the million. Employees among car manufacturers and suppliers the salary of which taxes and social security contributions are paid? If a company wrote down a great car as this Audi as a resource, this is its good right. There are still much more useless things off and subsidized. Night shift, coal etc.

  5. 15 Audis?
    Without wanting to be pointed, but if you almost change the vehicles "of your brand" like underwear! This is only evident in long-term use, and I think Mr. Superhans is not yet 130 years old. But stop- the brand doesn’t exist for that long. In any case, I would always prefer a Ford Mondeo or a somewhat more exclusive Volvo V70/S60 to the A4, which will soon be in front of the row house garage everywhere and at Hinz and Kunz.

  6. Taxes and social security contributions?
    that I don’t laugh…That is why VW, Audi, Mercedes and Co. So many jobs abroad, precisely because they like to pay a lot of taxes and social security contributions! Apart from that, our great company premium cars are currently preventing a reasonable and necessary limitation of the CO2 emissions through perfect lobbying…Very unsportsmanlike for an industry that likes to sell sporty!

  7. Company cars and jobs
    Company cars do not secure a single job… Or why are there fewer and fewer jobs in automotive production even though there is a real flood of companies. The legitimate criticism has nothing to do with envy… This reminds me of the tax discussion in the election campaign: Please delete all the sub -events of the others, but please don’t!

  8. short -sighted
    What the company cars are forgotten here: The sale of each of these cars ensures jobs that bring a lot more taxes and social security contributions than the few euros that the company does not pay in the tax sack. So please comply somewhere else.

  9. exactly…
    The criticism starts where the neighbor has more than I do. If a company does not Schmaelert the profit from company cars, other things are bought and written off. This is our control system. As simple as that. But a construction crane does not call the envy as this wonderful Audi. Audi keep it up! And please do not produce boring small cars


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