Scania: “Electric truck with promotions are economically portable”


Not only the future of individual mobility should become largely electrical, but also the future of the transport industry – at least when it goes after the means of transport manufacturer Scania. Namely, Sweden would like to promote the change to a sustainable transport system. Methods, especially with the state subsidies published by the Federal Government: “In doing so, investment rates for electric trucks can be significantly reduced,” says in a recent press release. In addition, Scania Elektro trucks are available this year. Furthermore, it says: “So that customers are not allowed alone with the complex transformation process when switching to electric vehicles alone, Scania offers a holistic care.”

Replacing a diesel truck through an electric truck is more than just the replacement of an old vehicle against a new one. With the introduction of electric vehicles, the industry enters newland – there are a variety of factors to consider: about that of the battery, energy efficiency, charging and integration of construction. These should be individually tailored to the respective applications of the customers, says Stefan Ziegert, product manager for sustainable transport solutions at Scania Germany Austria.

The change to an electrified fleet means that proven processes and fleet management systems as well as the logistics planning and infrastructure must be fundamentally changed. All this is complex, but inevitable when transport companies tackle the electrification. After selecting an electric vehicle suitable for the Customer, Scania continues the consultations. “For the transformation, the state funding for electric trucks are very helpful. Due to the financial relief compared to the purchase of conventional commercial vehicles, the change to an electric truck becomes more attractive. The special feature of Scania is that we will enable the delivery of electric trucks this year, “emphasizes goat.

In Germany, the funding policy applies, among others, for battery and (overhead) hybrid electrical vehicles. The application refers to the acquisition of a new vehicle, which is supported in the amount of 80 percent of investment imports compared to a conventional diesel vehicle. In Austria, the subsidy offers on electrical and hydrogen trucks for classes N2 and N3 with up to 60.000 Euro per vehicle defined.

Each electric vehicle of Scania is offered as a complete solution. These include the vehicle and services, a detailed vehicle instruction, partnerships with energy suppliers and long-term advice. Furthermore, optional driving training can be booked. “The most important thing in the decision for an electric vehicle is first the analysis of the routes and the area of application. This can be opened from how the customer’s needs looks at a loading infrastructure. It is also important to understand when, where and how and how the batteries of the electric truck are charged – preferably of course with renewable energy, “explains Ziegert. The Federal Office of Goods also subsidizes the expansion of a tank and charging infrastructure. The construction and expansion of a required tank and charging infrastructure will receive a funding of 80 percent of the beneficial project-related total expenditure. The most expansive alternative are individually customized charging stations, which enable customers to load the store in the home depot overnight. Also in Austria there is a program called infrastructure bonus to promote the charging column infrastructure. For example, AC normal load points up to 22kW and DC fast load points are financially supported up to 100kW.

The technology of electric vehicles in this magnitude is new. In addition to the charging infrastructure, the long-term maintenance practices of vehicle manufacturers must also be adapted to the future. “This represents new requirements for the skills, knowledge and certifications of workshops. Therefore, we do great efforts to teach our workshop staff in detail around the electromobility, “says.

Especially with electric trucks, tailor-made and flexible maintenance plans are used to ensure a temporally optimized workshop stay for each individual vehicle. The workshop service and the spare parts supply of Scania offer a complete solution to ensure maximum operating time and long-term profitability. Together, the individual needs are determined and all necessary measures are planned, which should support the customer in daily business. A comprehensive repair and maintenance contract guarantees on top of that extensive coverage, planability and cost control.

“Regardless of whether the electrification concerns a large bus fleet or a small truck forwarding company, it is crucial that the transition to our customers is practical. The electric vehicles must fit in their daily operation. We have set ourselves this challenge and developed comprehensive solutions for a smooth process to work, “says product manager. The electrification of vehicles is in any case crucial for a sustainable transport industry with significantly lower carbon and noise emissions.

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