Scania introduces the first commercial electric truck series

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Scania introduces the first commercial electric truck series-introduces

The commercial market launch of the SCANIA electric truck series sees the company as a milestone in order to promote the transition to a sustainable transport system. The application of the plug-in hybrid or solid electric vehicles, the truck manufacturer first sees in applications for the urban area.

This market launch is a significant development step for Scania, so the company in a recent communication. They are based on earlier truck achievements of the company – on diesel vehicles and those who are operated with renewable energies. Scania wants to further develop its electric vehicle series in the coming years for all applications, including for long-distance traffic and the construction agment.

“We are very proud of the start of our commitment to long-term electrification. In the next few years, we will launch new electric vehicles for the entire product offering annually and are already aligning our production to this goal. It is of particular importance that in a few years, we will also introduce electric truck for long-distance traffic, which are designed for a quick charge during the prescribed 45-minute rest periods of the drivers.”- Henrik Henriksson, President and CEO Scania

The electrification of the heavy commercial vehicle fleet also plays an important role in the fulfillment of the goal of limiting the global warming to below 1.5 ° C of the Parisian Climate Protection Agreement. Electric vehicles are therefore increasingly becoming more attractive for advanced customers who want to be perceived as a pioneer in terms of sustainability. In the initial phase, Scania will therefore develop and deploy both hybrid and fully electric trucks in partnership with these future-oriented customers.

Scania truck fully electric and as plug-in hybrid

The fully electric truck of Scania, which is offered with the cabs of the L and P series, is equipped with a battery pack with 165 – 300 kWh for the 230 kW electric motor. This power is about 310 hp. Customers are equipped with either 5 or 9 battery modules to choose from, with the latter being able to show a range of up to 250 kilometers per charge.

The plug-in hybrid truck from Scania is also available for the cabs of the L and P series and offers the possibility to cover a long distance in the internal combustion engine mode or to drive up to 60 km in electrical mode as needed. The transport entrepreneurs can significantly reduce their climate impacts with this vehicle in combination with renewable energies.

Scania introduces the first commercial electric truck series-introducesScania

Both trucks offer a very new and inspiring driving experience thanks to their silent mode and the remarkable acceleration of the fully electric version with a torque of 2200 Nm. Both technologies build on the modular system of Scania with practice-proven components, which have already proven themselves in all areas of the Scania truck series and are known for their longevity and reliability.

“Even if electric vehicles are a new technology in many ways, we have taken all conceivable steps to ensure that the same unshakable criteria for the available operating time are used, as with our other trucks. Scania stands for the highest quality and that is of course also valid for our electric vehicles.”- Anders Lampinen, Director New Technologies at Scania

E-trucks can also be used with different structures in addition to the general cargo and temperature-controlled transports, z. B. as a tipper, roller tipper, concrete mixer, waste collection vehicle or for use as a fire truck.

Low-noise delivery in cities

Trucks will play an essential role both fully electric as well as in the plug-in hybrid version to provide the world’s growing number of urban areas that have an environmental zone in the city center. There are also opportunities for even greater utilization of vehicles. Thanks to low-noise deliveries, it is possible to carry out transport services by far into the night as well as early in the morning, which can avoid traffic jams and parking difficulties. Studies have shown that deliveries outside bumper times can be carried out more than 30 percent faster than on the same transport routes during the day. This can be attributed to more parking opportunities at the subjects, fewer waiting times, higher speeds and longer green phases on intersections.

Scania Bev: Optional with 5 or 9 batteries

Optionally, the fully electric truck has 5 batteries with an installed capacity of 165 kWh or 9 batteries with a capacity of 300 kWh. Since no internal combustion engine is available, there is a battery in the former engine tunnel, the remaining 4 or 8 batteries are placed along the chassis.

Scania introduces the first commercial electric truck series-electricScania

The batteries can be easily loaded using a Combined Charging System Connection (CCS) with 130 kW DC. The charging time is less than 55 minutes in the version with 5 batteries and less than 100 minutes in running 9 batteries. The batteries are continuously charged with usable brake energy during driving.

Scania Phev: with 60 kilometers of electric range

Since the plug-in hybrid truck also has an internal combustion engine, there is less space for batteries. The vehicle is equipped with 3 batteries with an installed power of 90 kWh for the 115 kW motor. The charging time from 0 to 80 percent is about 35 minutes and the batteries can be charged in addition to the useful energy energy even when loading and unloading. The electric powertrain is combined with an internal combustion engine, which provides between 280 and 360 hp,. If only the electric mode is used, the range is 60 km.

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