Scania supplies overhead line truck for Germany

Scania supplies overhead line truck for Germany-supplies

At the beginning of the week, we have started the function tests for the upcoming commissioning of the ehighway – a section of the A 5 in the south of Frankfurt am Main, where a top line truck on a German highway is traveling for the first time, are started.

In the first half of 2019 further test drives take place. Meanwhile, first freight forwarders are equipped with OH trucks and probably start as planned from summer 2019 with the control mode. The overall project cost in the ELISA I subproject amounts to 14.6 million euros, which carries the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU).

As the Swedish truck manufacturer tells Scania, he will produce a total of 15 trucks with electricity signers for the projects in Hesse, Schleswig-Holstein and Baden-Wurttemberg. The first R 450 hybrid truck is delivered in May, which provides pantographs for contact with the car wire Siemens. The vehicles for the three field trials are procured centrally by the Federal Environment Ministry (BMU), the corresponding funding come from the program renewable mobile.

“Unlike Passenger Cars, Which Remain Parked and Stationary Most of the Day, Trucks Are Deployed for Long Hours in Transport Assignments When Stopping to Charge Can Be Highly Disruptive in The Operations. E-Highways Offer Rational and Effective Charging en route. The Solution So Saves Batteries and Reduces Load on the Energy Network.”- Magnus Hoglund, Head of Electric Road System, Scania

Like the BMU divided the 15 trucks and whether the three federal states received the same number of trucks is still free. The depends on where to expect what knowledge gain is to be expected. In Schleswig-Holstein, one expects insights to integrate electromobility in intermodal transport chains – so also in rail and ferry transport.

In Baden-Wurttemberg, the construction works only. And as mentioned above is the Hessian test track in operation. On the five-kilometer section, a top line for hybrid trucks is available in both directions. You can also charge your batteries over the overhead line so that you can also drive electrically outside the test track. If the battery is exhausted, use the diesel engine. Similar to a plug-in hybrid, only with steady energy supply from the outside.

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