Schaeffler: Production start for e-axis in China

Schaeffler: Production start for e-axis in China-production

The automotive and industrial supplier Schaeffler celebrated the start of production of his “2in1” -E axes at the Chinese production site Taicang. This was governed by the company based in Herzogenaurach. The production start mark another milestone in the e-mobility business of Schaeffler and support the successful commitment of the company, it says. Schaeffler sit on the local production on site to react quickly to customer needs worldwide.

According to Schaeffler, the 2in1-e-axis integrates the reduction gear and the electric motor in a structural unit. With an excellent torque density of the transmission, this electrical axis is mainly due to compactness, high power density, high system efficiency and good acoustic behavior, so the company.

With a modular design, the system can meet different useful requirements and applied for various vehicle platforms, so Schaeffler. The first Chinese car model, which is equipped with this product, will soon be launched. After the market launch in China, the Schaeffler 2in1-E-axis will also be used in a European vehicle manufacturer.

“Schaeffler is aiming for innovation leadership in electromobility,” said Dr. Jochen SchrOder, head of the E-Mobility division at Schaeffler. “Serial production of our 2in1-e-axes has strengthened our positioning in this market.”After the establishment of a separate division in early 2018, the commitment of Schaeffler show significant successes in e-mobility, so SchrOder. Numerous serial nominations across all degrees of electrification took place that Schaeffler successfully acts in e-mobility and recognized as a technology partner.

Last year, Schaeffler posted new orders of € 2.7 billion in the E-Mobility division in the amount of 2.7 billion euros. The number of projects was therefore 30 percent higher than in the previous year and continue in the current year. 2021 Starts the series production of E-motors for hybrid modules, hybrid gears and purely electric axle drives.

China is one of the most important markets for Schaeffler. In 2018, the company began producing the world’s first P2 hybrid module in Taicang, a year later, the production of the two-speed electrical axis started there.

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