Scheuer: “Need fast climate-friendly trucks”


Battery cars win in Germany for months. In the field of electrical commercial vehicles, a similar momentum but can not be identified. Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer (CSU) has therefore raised more pace when switching the freight forwarders to alternative drives at trucks. “We need much more momentum to climate-friendly goods transport,” he said in a conversation with the newspaper “world”. The current new registrations showed that still many companies hesitated.

Of the almost 3.5 million trucks and light commercial vehicles, which are currently approved in Germany, are less than 34, according to Scheuer‘s ministry.300 Purely electrically powered. That just equals almost one percent. There are also around 1350 hybrid trucks. More than 3.2 million trucks are still driving with diesel engines. According to the information, nearly 7200 electric commercial vehicles were added in 2019, this value rose at least 2020 to 9269. From a multiplication as in the car area, however, this increase is far away.

“We promote the transition to climate-friendly transports by massively supporting the acquisition of climate-friendly commercial vehicles and the necessary tank and charging infrastructure,” said scrub. This chance should now be used, so the minister. “Because it is clear: The transport sector has to deliver significantly more in climate protection, quickly.”

However, even more penibria is expected in the logistics sector than for private vehicles. In addition to the pure purchasing price, the owners play a role for the owners, above all operating and maintenance costs. In the end, the vehicle with the lowest total cost over the entire service life is usually purchased. In these considerations, of course, the length of service due to long electricity flows in which electric truck can not be used for transport.

In contrast to cars, experts in commercial vehicles also give the fuel cell or artificial fuels a chance. However, hydrogen models are not available in larger quantities so far. In the next few months and years, therefore, almost only the electric drive remains to reduce CO2 emissions at trucks.

There are already electrical commercial vehicles for shorter transport routes. Manufacturers like Man and Daimler have already developed series production E-trucks. According to calculations of the Ministry of Transport, more than 264 million the total of 411 million trips were completed by trucks last year in Germany, not more than 50 kilometers.

Nevertheless, Transport Minister Scheuer sees the carmakers in alternative drives in the duty. “Develop more everyday and practical vehicles that convince in quality and price,” he said. “Only then, trucks Made in Germany will continue to be successful in the world market.”

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4 thoughts on “Scheuer: “Need fast climate-friendly trucks””

  1. If companies such as Rivian or Cannoo can deliver promptly to Amazon, and the quality and service are voted, not only Amazon will expand this option quickly across the US and then into other “Amazon countries”.
    Accordingly, the German OEMs should be very fast in order not to be able to run in this segment to another “market leader” afterwards.
    Just to electrify a “sprinter” will not be enough here – the Rivian should be a real charge- and Ergonomy wonder and at the torrential discussion around the semi – at least at the end – yes also around every single cubic meter / ton charging capacity.
    &# 128521;

  2. Now climate-friendly trucks should come quickly while decades of climate-friendly freight traffic on the rail and has too few rail lines with overhead lines for e-locomotives – and probably on pressure of the truck lobby with political support.

    The politicians always promise a lot, building at the same time a lot of bureaucracy and in the end remains little. Examples of finding the help to high waters, drought, in the pandemic and now also in Afghanistan.

    Without the energy games from below, so citizens and smaller companies, or large companies from abroad, which show what’s all, would be almost nothing to move with us. The politicians are like dogs that you want to hunt and then have to be glad if they even bark.

  3. The Mr. Scheuer takes!!! How about if he brings the federal fuference where he should be! Always only “preach water and drink wine yourself!” that will not do! If all the small stinkers without exhaust gas purification or without catalyst finally disappear from the road, then the large trucks can continue with their very well-sized exhaust gas purification system! Just throw away a quarter a million and buy a new truck is not economical and dear these trucks ride in Germany with maintenance than in the east without maintenance and controls. In Germany, the exhaust gas purification, in the east she will be expanded immediately! Costs only money the maintenance! In addition, they broke the prices in Germany with their old non-waved trucks, with which they offer much cheaper transports on German roads!
    To another political topic, the speed limit is not a wish concert but for environmental protection urgently and for the accident statistics reduction absolutely necessary! If someone wants to drive quickly through the country he should take the ICE! Then at the destination by carsharing drive with an electric car and with the ICE back!
    Otherwise, there is still the Nurburgring to drive quickly, you can rent and pay for that you need unnecessary exhaust gas into the dying environment!
    Everyone must help to stop climate change also the brain-burned speed drivers! In addition, you can drive on the highways today in Germany rather in a traffic jam as fast! Which is not forgotten, the health aspect, less stress makes less tired and receives the work performance! What stress else can do otherwise you can read elsewhere!


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