Scholz ‘New Chancellor Mercedes even protects against weapons of war – Mercedes

This vehicle protects the new Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz: The new S-Class from Mercedes in the special guns version of the luxury model. More than 600 hp do the 500.000 euros in monuments. And that can save life.

Because the new S 680 Guard 4MATIC fulfills the highest ballistic test level for civil vehicles with the VR10 protection class and is also particularly resistant to explosive charges. The manufacturer itself says: “No other series sedan also fully fulfills the highest protection class for civil vehicles."

Protects against fire and poison gas – the moving bunker can do that

In order to maintain this protection class, the body and slices must withstand a shot from a assault rifle with appropriate steel hard kernel ammunition. For comparison: the protection class VR6 still withstands the shelling of a Kalashnikov. Furthermore, the armored sedan is particularly resistant to explosive charges.But that’s not all: the moving bunker can also extinguish fires and provides the inmates with fresh air in the event of a poison gas attack. In addition, the tires are fireproof and endure a lot.So far, only the President of the United States has been even more secure.

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11 thoughts on “Scholz ‘New Chancellor Mercedes even protects against weapons of war – Mercedes”

  1. Is beautiful
    okay that the money remains in Germany!!! Wouldn’t be purchased any new chancellor car … would seep away the money in the EU and go for a walk with one of those politicians with your money!!! Then better for Scholz even if I am not a fan of him!!!

  2. CO2?
    Well, if the climate chancellor leaves CO2 out as a model, then we can join. Because of justice. Or is it with car equity as well as with justice between pensions and pensions?

  3. An SPD chancellor
    Don’t drive around in a CDU carriage (Merkel’s service)! The Scholz and lobby chancellor does everything new! Maybe he also needs more car protection!

  4. What a world
    Where government heads only leave their bunker in armored vehicles. There have always existed attacks, but state heads have shown themselves to the people in open carriages or cars.

  5. I thought he would have to ride the cargo bike,
    Presumably this will soon be available in a armored version, or at least with an electric drive, we can expect that much respect for the environment. After all, we have to make all concessions to the climate, or.

  6. And what CO 2 balance has the thing?
    Day a day is the normal citizen with a climate car and how environmentally harmful is the petrol or diesel (incidentally for Merkel also had such a tank) but woe the normal citizen has an X5, GL or Cayenne..

  7. Oh
    Forcus always beautiful as spreading on lurid reports ! This is the new series armor that exists ex works, everyone can order ! By the way, Ms. Merkel has already had and can drive any government member of the Federal Republic of Germany at any time !!

  8. We afford one of the
    The world’s largest parliaments, 16 expensive federal states with all the consequences up to pensions and we have the world’s second most taxable government vehicle. We still have the most expensive electricity prices, with the lowest EU pensions. How rich does this country have to be… A true paradise.We also no longer need nuclear power plants and no more coal stream.We solve all of this in an intelligent way without looking at the rest of the world. What an excessive arrogance is driven by our politically responsible people ? It really has to be a 500,000 euro chancellor vehicle? Somehow I have the feeling that it won’t go well.

  9. No, that works cheaper too.
    Without armor, the vehicle is certainly 300.000 € cheaper. You would only have to buy a few armored vehicles instead (unit price approx. 5 million. €) and maybe approx. 10 team cars for the police who always accompany the chancellor vehicle to create the necessary safety. Then it will probably cost as much as the vehicle itself in acquisition costs!


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