SEAT boss: “From 2030 e-cars will make up the majority”

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SEAT boss:

Seat boss Wayne Griffiths talked to the Austrian daily the press in addition to several other interesting topics also about the future of the internal combustion engine, the change for electromobility as well as the decreasing emotional bond to the car and how SEAT this target group wants to respond yet.

About the upcoming electric cars of Seats Performance offshoot Cupra says Griffiths that the Cupra Born is an “exciting electric car with a beautiful design and a sporty design”. For 2024, the SEAT boss confirmed the Crossover SUV Cupra Tavascan, who has taken care of a concept vehicle for a lot of attention. “And in the middle of the decade, we democratize the electromobility,” announces Griffiths, “with a special, small electric car with great range at 20.000 to 25.000 EURO.”

Electric cars are important for SEAT and CUPRA to reduce the objective of the European Green Deal – the CO2 emissions by 2030 by 40 percent and to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 -. For this you need “a market share of electric vehicles of 60 percent in Europe,” says Griffiths. Not only political, even on the customer side a change is noticeable: “Even the customers ask the E-cars stronger, the interest has become bigger,” so the SEAT boss in the interview.

When the Spanish VW subsidiary is adopted by burners, Griffiths do not want to predict. But he goes out of being “definitely have long cars with internal combustion engine” as well as e-cars and plug-in hybrids. “From 2030 E-cars will make up the majority, but I do not know if a complete transformation is possible in nine years,” says the Seat boss. The manufacturers will still have to offer “for some time all drive types,” says Griffiths, as “not working against customers”: “Customers determine what they buy.”

“It is important for us that the electric car is an emotional product”

The fact that the love of the automobile fits, and vehicles are only there to bring their occupants from A to B, Griffiths do not find: “Especially with Cupra we want to make cars for car lovers,” he says. “It is important for us that the electric car is an emotional product, not just a rational,” explains the SEAT boss. He believes “that there will still be car lovers in the future – and we want to address them”.

But also for people who have “no emotional bond to the car” and only “quickly and cheap from A to B” want to offer seat solutions, for example in the form of subscription or sharing models. This is especially interesting for the younger target group who “do not necessarily have something like Netflix, but use it primarily” wool. “You want mobility and do not necessarily have to buy a car.”

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