Seat: “UrbanRebel” without wings from 25.000 euros


The series version of the “UrbanRebel Concept” study by the Seat brand Cupra, which is planned for 2025, is scheduled to arrive around 25.000 euros and thus around 5.000 euros more expensive than the VW offshoot of the planned family of small electric cars. This is reported by “” citing various sources. With the “UrbanRebel Concept”, Cupra presented its own idea of a sporty small electric car. The concept car at the IAA Mobility was a design study that was intended to give an outlook on that “urban electric vehicle”.

According to Cupra boss Wayne Griffiths, the car should be “positioned between the mass and the premium segment”. The production version will retain the design language of the concept car, with the exception of the aero components: “You take off the rear wing and the front spoiler and then you get very, very close to what we want to do with the car that we want to do in 2025 want to bring to market,” Griffiths is further quoted as saying.

According to “Automotive News Europe”, the electric motor of the production version should have an output of 170 kW. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h would take 6.9 seconds. A 55 kWh battery should provide the necessary energy for propulsion, which should enable a range of 400 kilometers. Like the ID shown at the IAA. Life, the UrbanRebel Concept relies on the MEB Small, a smaller version of the modular electric drive kit (MEB).

The 4.08 meter long city car is of great importance for Cupra and Seat, especially economically. “The urban electric vehicle is a key strategic project – not only for our company, but for the entire Volkswagen Group,” said Griffiths at the beginning of September. “Our goal is to have more than 500.000 electric city cars per year for the various group brands in Martorell. The urban electric car will democratize e-mobility and make it accessible to the masses.”

According to VW brand boss Ralf Brandstatter, the small electric car from Volkswagen is being built in Spain, which also applies to the production version of the Cupra UrbanRebel Concept. As is well known, Seat wants 500 in Spain from 2025.Produce 000 urban electric vehicles per year – not only for themselves, but also for other group brands. A battery factory is also to be built there.

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3 thoughts on “Seat: “UrbanRebel” without wings from 25.000 euros”

  1. I don’t know how the others see it, but Cupra is nothing to me. And SEAT has no image at all for me. It is the problem brand in the VW Group. So-called sportiness is not a distinguishing feature if you have to use the same platforms and don’t forget that other group brands also bring lucrative sport variants. I would probably wind up the brand.

  2. Congratulations to Seat – a beautiful car at a price that will open the door to e-mobility for many more people.

    PS: It was clear that a Porsche leaser would not like this, but ….. 😉

  3. I find it too harsh to describe this vehicle as an urban ‘rebel’. Around half of the population would like the maximum speed in cities to be reduced. And then Seat presents a vehicle with the looks of a racing car and calls it the urban rebel.
    I could come to terms with the name ‘UrbanProlet’.


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