Section Control in Germany: What the new Tempo Total monitoring means

Legal expert sees considerable concerns

Section Control comes: What the new pace monitoring means

Section Control in Germany: What the new Tempo Total monitoring means-total
dpa After a four -week test phase, the first route radar in nationwide is sharpened in Lower Saxony

  • Site expert Michael Winter

Section Control already knows many from countries like Italy – monitoring the average speed is said to prevent many accidents. Traffic law expert Michael Winter explains why he sees the technology critically.

The Federal Association of Transport Safety Technology Berlin (BVST) is of the opinion that the so -called "Section Control ”would have been shown to avoid accidents – average by 75 percent. Therefore, he calls for the quick expansion of the surveillance system for motorways and expressways across Germany and wants to work on creating the political framework for this. A PR agency is currently sending emails to journalists, in which not only the advantages of the system are praised, but also a press trip to Vienna is also offered where the technology is to be presented.

Section Control: This is how the new surveillance technology

But what is it actually about?One or the other certainly remembers the model test in Lower Saxony, with which a new type of speed monitoring was tested.It was the so -called “Section Control”, D. H. To a kind of Speed measurement, in which based on the average speed that a vehicle travels over longer distances, is calculated whether a speed exceeding took place or not.

This is how the new long-distance speed camera works

Section Control in Germany: What the new Tempo Total monitoring means-section

Site/Glomex This is how the new long-distance speed camera works

Initially, the legal basis was missing, then it was improved, then the Federal Administration and the Federal Constitutional Court dealt with the case – in the end the system was declared legitimate.

However, it is also fair and safe?Let us take a closer look at the technology:

  • On a distance between 2 and 5 km, cameras are positioned at the beginning and output (as well as in between) which are recorded by vehicles and their license plates.
  • The system determines how much time a vehicle requires on average for monitored section of the route, taking into account the permitted speed.
  • Allegedly, this data is encrypted from start to the end of the section measurement.
  • If a vehicle is below the time at the end of the section measurement, taking into account the speed restriction, the permissible maximum speed was not observed.
  • In this case, the data is saved and can be processed as part of a fine procedure.

Section Control in Germany: What the new Tempo Total monitoring means-section
DVR The first section control in Germany is active

These are the advantages of the system

It is claimed that this type of speed measurement is fair, since sanctions only threaten when the top speed has been exceeded for a long time.Individual measurement errors would no longer be as strong as before, since several independent measurements would always be carried out in the event of a section control.The system also adheres to you to drive particularly carefully over a longer route – if you are equipped with accidentally contaminated routes with section control, the number of accidents would be reduced.

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Assessment from a legal perspective

I am still unable to make friends with this technology, since: 1) In the case in which only one measurement of the control series is not correct, the entire section control is no longer reliable and sanctions cannot be imposed.2) Significant speed overruns are not recorded on a relatively short route, such a vehicle is deliberately moved over the measuring route before or afterwards with a significantly below average speed.3) Each vehicle used by the route is recorded, even if the driver adheres to the speed limit and is only determined at the end of the measuring range whether there was an exceedance or not.4) So first every driver is suspicious of what can lead to problems under data protection law under data protection law.5) Documentation of the trip relevant data about the activities of individual road users are transmitted, although for me it is not certain to see whether and to what extent you are protected against abuse.

Flashed 33 times: Irrer Lamborghini-raser claps radarfalls

Section Control in Germany: What the new Tempo Total monitoring means-germany

Site/Wochit Flashed 33 times: Irrer Lamborghini-raser claps radarfalls

Significant risks for drivers

Also like BVST, politics u.A. Institutions celebrate the new type of speed monitoring as a “salvation bringer” and refer to less environmental pollution (due to compliance with the specified speed) and lower number of accidents, so there are still actual and legal risks for me.It will be excited to see how after the system was introduced by the courts on expected objections in which the new measurement system was used, decides are decided.

About the expert

Attorney Michael Winter studied Jura in Tubingen and has been working in traffic law since 1989. As a lecturer at the Baden-Wurttemberg University of Applied Sciences, his experience also conveys in the scientific field. The company “WHW Seminar & Service” he founded has been training a four -digit number of road users under the company motto since 2001 through interactive seminars: “Knowledge helps” in the areas of “traffic safety and traffic law”. Since the beginning of the diesel scandals, Winter has also been complaining to several German automobile manufacturers together with its cooperation partners, including Volkswagen.Click here for the site expert world

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Section Control in Germany: What the new Tempo Total monitoring means-germany

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12 thoughts on “Section Control in Germany: What the new Tempo Total monitoring means”

  1. Fine procedure.
    As long as the main goal of traffic controls are the initiation of fine procedures … they neither fair nor fair and only to a limited extent. You are one thing above all: open street robbery. It’s all about stealing the money from the citizen. We are technically much further. A signal via the on -board camera or the GPS to the on -board computer and the car does not drive faster than 120 km/h. Technically no problem, many modern cars do it anyway. That would be more traffic safety but without fines and therefore politics does not think of it in a dream. It’s all about our money.

  2. people
    A barrel is opened. Data retention, speed crossing, free travel for free citizens and what do I not know everything. Hey, what is so difficult to just stick to the applicable rules. If there is 120, I drive 120 without even having to break my crown. If there is a speed limit, then there is one. I even think it’s good for one reason. Driving is much more relaxed. I am usually not much faster without a speed limit either. With the SCH… Car, that’s like the Americans in Germany with weapons. The car is a means of transportation that works quite well. No divine toy and no means of compensation for something. Simply drive from A to B and observe the rules.

  3. Would
    It is not bern, new cars through camera systems and GPS data Nei Tempolimits automatically on the max. Speed that is allowed to throttle. As a decision of the EU, this would save more human lives than automatic emergency functions prescribed in new vehicles. Then over time, speed monitoring in whatever form would be superfluous…….

  4. Section Control in Lower Saxony.?……
    In any case, that was south of Hanover, that is, if you drove from Hildesheim to Hanover in a north direction, there was a section control on the main road, I don’t know if it still gives

  5. What total monitoring?
    There is no trip writer in cars that could be used for total monitoring. I think the term is completely exaggerated here.

  6. After the next
    Choice comes 130 on the highway. No matter who wins. That has long been decided. The reason is the activation of the next stage of autonomous driving. This only works with a speed limit and comes in 2022. Everyone can google. Is no secret. The new system then serves to enforce it. Further questions?

  7. A weighing of goods
    And according to the latest BVG judgment per climate and generational protection. The GDPR applies only to a limited extent for sovereign activities. SectionControl is already successfully used in other European countries. If a certain party is ruled, the speed speed becomes a top speed. Be honest: a long overdue step. Well, you will have less to do as traffic lawyers.

  8. Every year again
    There is to say about the pace limit: there is a tempo limit in the USA and that has not previously prevented a traffic accident there, on the contrary. This is how it looks wherever these tempo limits are. On surveillance and the general suspicion, there is only to say that it is incomprehensible that the abolition of the presumption of innocence is considered harmless. No matter how well you measure, an average value only depicts reality in very special cases, namely those that correspond to the cut. Everyone else, and that is most of them, lie over or underneath. Completely unsuitable, the value when it comes to such a highest as the presumption of innocence. But the individual transport should best be forbidden – regardless of which means.

  9. @ Thomas Backer
    Whether speed limit prevents accidents in the USA is probably speculation, but in any case the Speed Limit leads to lousy vehicles. The road holding of the Ami sleds is tailored to the local speed. If you are traveling on German motorways without adapting with the original US suspension, you can also stick to the limit in this country.

  10. It’s never enough
    It is never enough, no matter which law is there, which penalty catalog, which exhaust gas values, etc. It will never be enough for our dear good people. If a goal is reached, the next claim comes immediately. Always new demands of a few for everyone else. Just to permanently profile yourself. That is tiring although it actually demands massive protest. Greetings to all associations, clubs, lobbyists, politicians and everyone who participates: take care of your own stuff and do not constantly annoy everyone else!

  11. speed
    Probably the only criminal offense that does not cause any damage and still punished. If you run through a pedestrian zone, you are not immediately pursued by criminal law. If nobody is harm, it is actually arbitrary.

  12. Nice
    Made of the environment, it is caused by a considerable damage! Physical structures also apply at high speeds, in this case the air resistance and the increasing consumption! Definitely damage is that the more the speed is exceeded the higher the higher the speed is exceeded. And if there is an accident, the physical. Laws…..


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