Secures Tesla for Gigafactory 3 Battery Cells of Lishen?

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Secures Tesla for Gigafactory 3 Battery Cells of Lishen?-gigafactory

On the 07.January this year, the groundbreaking ceremony for Gigafactory 3 from Tesla in China took place. From just this factory, model 3 should then run for the Chinese market in the future. However, not yet for the models, which will be delivered from March 2019. These are initially introduced from the US, probably also with a discount due to fallen criminal duties.

Seek Tesla Replacement for Panasonic?

But for this Gigafactory 3 seems to be a different change. So far, the production of the batteries has gone hand in hand between Panasonic and Tesla, but Lishen is suddenly being discussed as a possible supplier of battery cells for the new Chinese plant. Tesla has confirmed that Lishen had made a corresponding offer. However, no agreement has been signed yet.

According to the Reuters news agency, which refers to two unnamed sources, in contrast to the official statements by Tesla and Lishen, there is already a preliminary agreement.

However, as Musk’s previously embedded tweet shows, China apparently wants to purchase cells from several suppliers. The battery manufacturers also seem to be open to new partnerships. Along with CATL and LG Chem, however, Panasonic is still on the list of hot candidates to work with Tesla.

Tesla and Panasonic a success story across the board

Tesla and Panasonic have spent billions of dollars on the Gigafactory project and it can already be said that it has been a success. The 2170 battery cells manufactured in the Gigafactory are currently only available for the Model 3 and are said to have the highest energy density of electric car battery cells currently available.

It would be a shame if this success story ended. Especially since Panasonic still sees plenty of potential for lithium-ion batteries.

Lishen: Battery cell supplier with a select group of customers and mature technology

Back to Lishen again. These could definitely be interesting for Tesla. Do you already have relevant experience with well-known customers?. Lishen’s own clientele includes companies such as Apple, Samsung Electronics, Geely and Hyundai. According to Reuters, the group is said to have joined forces with other battery manufacturers in order to negotiate aggressive contracts with the fast-growing electric car industry from the supplier position.

In terms of technology, you don’t have to let Panasonic put you on the sidelines either. As early as 2017, the company started series production of the same cylindrical battery cells that are also manufactured by Panasonic for Tesla’s Model 3.

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