Sell or repair? Now you should part with your scrap arbor

Sell or repair?

Now you should part with your scrap arbor

Sell or repair? Now you should part with your scrap arbor-your

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Many cars not only have a material, but also an emotional value for their owners. But with age there is also a lot of zipper that can quickly become expensive. When is an investment worth and when should you consider a sale?

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More information stuttgart (dpa/tmn) – At some point even the most reliable cars reach this point at which not only the usual wear becomes a cost factor. Then the first zipper and unscheduled workshop visits put nerves and wallet on the test of patience. That can gradually let the once love disappear. For example, if a turbocharger has to be replaced. Such repairs usually go into money. If you want to avoid these costs, you have to sell in good time. Just when is in time?"This question cannot be answered in general", says Carsten Kurten, who offers complete restorations of classics in Cologne as well as a repair service for everyday vehicles. "The mileage where you should gradually think about selling it can vary greatly depending on the vehicle genre, manufacturer or motorization."

Five-year cycle as a guideline

Where the initial damage can already appear at 80,000 or 90,000 kilometers in a small car, a large diesel sedan of a premium manufacturer may even be easily completed by 200,000 kilometers without any problems. And the way and where a car is used also play an important role in aging. "When I mainly travel on the highway at 120 km/h, the kilometers driven on the speedometer are uninteresting compared to a car that is only moved in city traffic, bad roads and in stop-and-go mode", says Kurten.Even for Constantin Hack from Auto Club Europa (ACE) there is no fixed rule for the right time: "We cannot call a definitive age or kilometer limit, when holding is more expensive than selling or vice versa." Basically the whole thing is "A kind of lottery game", Not least because even vehicles of a series were noticed by very different (un) reliability. "If at all, you may be able to use the classic five-year cycle as a guideline", confirmed Kurten. As is well known, a new car has the highest loss of value in the first three years, but then flat the curve until the fifth or sixth year more and more, so that it now makes sense to make a decision for or against a sale.


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The speedometer scale plays a role

Sometimes the 100,000 kilometer limit is also called. "But that is a purely psychological guideline", says Hack. "You can see that from the fact that I want to sell it less for a car if I want to sell it with a speedometer of 103,000 instead of one of 97,000 kilometers." Therefore, he also advises to decide before the 100,000 mark whether you want to sell.

However, if you decide against a sale, you should expect to first "A valley of tears" to have to go according to the motto "It has to get worse before it gets better", to consider Kurten. "One or the other repair will inevitably be incurred, so that you hardly have any other choice than dig deep into your pocket." Then, however, you can usually drive worn again, according to the vehicle specialist.

Sell or repair? Now you should part with your scrap arbor-repair
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The kilometers driven can influence the sales value.

There are no high repair costs

However, you can also be unlucky across the board. The Cologne native tells of a customer with a ten-year-old, 170,000 kilometers driven BMW combination of the 5 series. "In this vehicle, the crankshaft on the pulley has broken off, such an unusual damage that one can speak of an individual case", So the expert. "More than 10,000 euros would now be incurred for exchange engine and wages." And even if he likes to receive cars, he urgently advised the customer from a repair.In a car with 170,000 kilometers, which may still have a current value of 13,000 or 14,000 euros, such a sum is forbidden. You would then have a vehicle with a brand new engine, but in view of such a mileage, you have to expect that costly problems will occur soon for gearbox or chassis.Also interesting: Leasing or buying? Which form of financing is the best for you

Pay attention to sustainability

However, one aspect sometimes extends significantly beyond its own wallet. "A vehicle that hardly shows any loss of value is not only good for your own cash register, but also for the environment", so hack. Every vehicle that is newly produced also consumes many raw materials. "For this reason alone, it is good that there is no longer a scrapping bonus", he says. "Many of the cars that would otherwise be scrapped can now live on."

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Sell or repair? Now you should part with your scrap arbor-your

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    repair. Is sustainable and often the cheaper alternative. Since I only buy well -used vehicles with as little equipment as possible, it doesn’t matter whether I am putting 2K € for a repair. I then know what I have. Better than 2K € buy another used vehicle and don’t know what you get. New car does not come into the bag. Is pure money burning. Leasing and credit is not available because a car is a commodity. There can be a scratch or a bump. Removal value also doesn’t matter. Is driven anyway until nothing really works anymore. Well and 500 € there is always even if the car is so broken. Is just a matter of attitude.


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