Semiconductor deficiency brakes electric cars

Semiconductor deficiency brakes electric cars-deficiency

According to a media report, the global lack of semiconductors leads to ever longer delivery times for new electric cars as well as at higher prices on the market for used electricians, so the world on Sunday. Accordingly, data of the online portal AutoScout24 show that the range of electric cars has fallen dramatically since July: in October, the new and used car portal had a total of 19.611 E cars on offer. In June there were almost half more: 27.439.

Electric cars, in the past few months with shares in the second percentage range in the new registrations, make up less than three percent of the total offer at AutoScout. Stefan Schneck, distribution leader Germany by AutoScout24, speaks for new E cars depending on the manufacturer of delivery times between six weeks and more than a year. “In addition, analogue to the current market situation also sinks the supply of used E cars”, which in turn is noticeable in high offer prices.

Even with the dealers themselves there are above average long delivery times, “on average nine months”, according to Christoph Stricker from the Central Association German Car Trade (ZDK). “The dealers have hardly any more storage goods, some remain only their demonstration vehicles”. In combustion it go much faster.

The problem of long delivery times for e-cars concerned especially German manufacturers. ID models from Volkswagen therefore currently have delivery times between three and six months. On an Audi E-Tron you have to wait about five months, on a Q4 E-TRON depending on the equipment three to seven months. In order to get an EQS, the new electric flagship of Mercedes, interested parties have to be patient for 13 months.

Brands like Tesla and Polestar, on the other hand, – which, among others, produce in China and shipping their cars to Germany – should be able to deliver sometimes 2021. The Cupra Born, the Opel Mokka-E, the Peugeot E-208 and E-2008 and the Porsche Toycan can be delivered to an overview of Carwow within three months.

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3 thoughts on “Semiconductor deficiency brakes electric cars”

  1. that there is so few used e-cars has nothing to do with the chip crisis to be nominated, but because of nonsensical promotion (too high) to do why the brewing e-vehicles are sold almost all abroad because there is much more for the used electric car to get than in Germany
    therefore abolition of the promotion and abolition of the manufacturer’s share and already the prices are falling and the used ones are sold domestically and no longer sold abroad

  2. Strange that the European top dogs cannot deliver. e.g.B. Order Tesla Y today will be delivered in Switzerland in December. Where is the problem? Or. what are the Germans doing wrong?? While the eUsed increase in value, the used dinosaurs will lose value massively. So if you continue to produce combustion engines, you will soon only be producing for the heap. That’s a good thing. Oversleeping the future is one thing, but still sleeping is another..


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