Seoul wants over 7.Procure 000 electric breads

Seoul wants over 7.Procure 000 electric breads-wants

Seoul, South Korea, announced that from the next year will begin to replace the natural gas-powered buses in the capital through electric breads. The speech is 7.427 buses currently counting to the city’s bus fleet. The first step will be 40 electric buses from 2018 to the streets of Seouls. Until 2025 should then 4.030 Other buses are replaced by electrified alternatives. The remaining 3.000 buses are then exchanged from 2026.

For this step, it has been decided since then it is clear that there are e-buses with ranges of 300 kilometers. Earlier models that could cover between 100 and 200 kilometers with a single charge were difficult for long-distance goods and therefore no option. Seoul‘s politicians fear that some bus companies could not agree with the new plan. Therefore, these should be with subsidies, in the amount of 250 million won (230.000 US Dollar), for the purchase of a single electric foot, which costs about 500 million won. The operators would have to pay the remaining 250 million won for each bus.

For the old buses that should be replaced, a similar conclusion was. Here, the government paid and operator 100 million won for the bus. Now the share of both sides significantly increases. The city is provided by the additional burden on the cost of acquisition, although no fuel is necessary. Of course, this is not quite right ..

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