Seriously injured by Greenpeace campaign: Right-wing expert recommends withdrawal of non-profitness

"Special obligation"

Injured according to Greenpeace campaign – right -wing expert recommends withdrawal of non -profit

Seriously injured by Greenpeace campaign: Right-wing expert recommends withdrawal of non-profitness-right-wing

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  • Site expert Michael Winter

After the consequent Greenpeace campaign, in which several people have been injured, some politicians are now calling for the association to withdraw the status of non-profitness. But that would give the legal situation even? Michael Winter says: quite.

It was a shock moment at the European Championship game in Munich: A Greenpeace activist flawed the Allianz Arena on behalf of the organization and apparently wanted to throw a yellow ball to demonstrate against the VW group. Whether a lack of flight experience or simply stupidity – he collided with parts of the stadium roof, got into the spin and almost crashed over the stands. At the last moment he managed something like an emergency landing – but he injured two spectators in the head area.Greenpeace took responsibility for the campaign and apologized. In my opinion, however, this is not enough. Why, I want to explain.

Greenpeace is still non -profit with such actions?

Greenpeace has been known for decades to draw attention.Through what happened in Munich, one should now urgently ask yourself whether Greenpeace should not be removed from the status of non -profitness. What is it about?

  • Charity requires Section 52 ABS. 1 s.1 AO (Tax Code) the "promotion of the general public" and means, “Selfless to act in the sense of the common good”.
  • Non -profit organizations have certain tax benefits – for example, donations to non -profit organizations can be deducted from tax.
  • In the sense of tax law and the tax code, for example, the use for consumer, animal and environmental protection is non-profit, as well as the promotion of sport and culture.
  • However, this purpose also requires Consideration of the general legal system – The Federal Finance Court Z.B. Clearly and clearly stated in 2018 (BFH 27.9.2018).

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Seriously injured by Greenpeace campaign: Right-wing expert recommends withdrawal of non-profitness-campaign

Site Taycan overtakes new S-Class: The Porsche is the best-selling luxury class car

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Funding is bound to conditions

A promotion of the general public is part of the principle there, where the purpose and the realization of purposes move outside the constitutional order and deviates from the value system of the Basic Law (BFH 20.3.2017 – X R 13/15, BStBl II 2017).

  • The recognition of non -profit nature thus includes a special obligation that concerns all actions of the beneficiary organization.
  • Anyone who works on behalf or with the express or tacit approval of the organization must adhere to the limited regulations that exist to protect the rights of third parties.
  • Every violation must have an immediate effect for the person involved and for the organization and their framework.

The actor and the Greenpeace organization therefore have to take responsibility for the extremely dangerous “aviation campaign”, which was unauthorized regardless of concrete hazard and injury consequences.

About the expert

Attorney Michael Winter studied Jura in Tubingen and has been working in traffic law since 1989. As a lecturer at the Baden-Wurttemberg University of Applied Sciences, his experience also conveys in the scientific field. The company “WHW Seminar & Service” he founded has been training a four -digit number of road users under the company motto since 2001 through interactive seminars: “Knowledge helps” in the areas of “traffic safety and traffic law”. Since the beginning of the diesel scandals, Winter has also been complaining to several German automobile manufacturers together with its cooperation partners, including Volkswagen.Click here for the site expert world

Visitors enjoy special protection

You don’t forget to do this: Visitors to a sporting event enjoy the protection of the assembly law and can refer to and rely on participating in the event content undisturbed. In this sense, every conscious and targeted disorder intervenes in the personal right of the individual participants.The violation of this protective frame means, that privileges such as the recognition of non -profit nature can be withdrawn if a serious violation of legal regulations can be determined.

Senseless danger, violation of air law

I take the view that this is now without ifs and buts.Here people were completely meaningless and for no reason; At the same time, there was a violation of aviation law (ban on the flight for the Allianz Arena)-this is in blatant contrast to the non-profitness.

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Seriously injured by Greenpeace campaign: Right-wing expert recommends withdrawal of non-profitness-seriously

Site 13 years in the industry: Now cashier explains what is going on behind the scenes

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12 thoughts on “Seriously injured by Greenpeace campaign: Right-wing expert recommends withdrawal of non-profitness”

  1. A petition,
    The Greenpeace questioned the non -profit nature I would draw immediately. Who civilian … injured or their injury accepts to enforce political goals is not an activist, but terrorist.

  2. I wonder
    For many years what should be a non -profit GP. These OKO terrorists to equate with a sports club and other clubs mocks every description! This is the association of the Greens and Left to want to make "politics" and "mood" by means of GP. In front of you you get almost 2 people at the village festival because you don’t get the new sports field. The club would be completely in the bucket and the discretion would be in the mailbox 2 days later. Betting?

  3. Crimes !
    Under the guise of non -profit, members of Greenpeace commit crimes. Over and over again. The state even tolerates these actions in a way, because "A good resolution" the activist is not agreed. Criminal offense is a crime, without ifs and but.

  4. Greenpeace is one
    Lobby club, with excellent relationships with politics and business. It is likely to be very difficult to turn the screw legally there. You have already pulled through too many actions that might bring a normal citizen to a psychiatric institution without a lot that happened afterwards. One should actually believe that it is a contradiction to drive a VW and at the same time demonstrate against VW. Doesn’t seem to disturb the doctor, which says a lot. The idea of Greenpeace is good, but too many idiots and chaots are in charge. Want to throw balls to demonstrate against a group helps the environment still make Greenpeace sympathetic.

  5. Barbock and Habeck?
    Where are these two? What do you think? Completely dipped. That says a lot. Silence is approval, one says.

  6. For the greater ends….
    …Is it better at the moment not to say anything about it. Your own clientele could take it over, or worse, who, who may have vanished, could have grues. So flap and through. But you should pay attention to this: ask this question to Baerbock, z at all.B.?

  7. Greenpeace and the Greens
    Both are in one breath, Ms. Baerbock indicates a membership in Greenpeace in the current version of her life running. Some time ago, a person died by Greenpeace when a highway was brought to a standstill and a serious accident happened at the end of the traffic jam. In the meantime, the considerable property damage for VW, through the theft of thousands of vehicle keys and now the action with the motor paraglider, which, as you can see in the photos, was also on the move without a propeller protection cage. Two people have worn considerable head injuries and it borders on a miracle that nobody was killed. How can you tolerate and even promote such an organization? A ban appears more appropriate here.

  8. Of the ….
    …. Propeller protection caef was when I properly remembered the video recordings, in front of the "landing" Where he is doing. Has probably fallen off, with the act of terrorism

  9. I hope so
    This organization claims to always know the right thing and to do this spectacularly. Sioe know everything and everything better than the rest. – I would be very happy if Greenpeace were deprived of the non -profitness. Then there are other so -called "Activist" also more careful.

  10. Not the 1. irresponsible action
    In any case? Those who endanger others negligently can hardly "For the benefit of the general public" act! That was an open rotor, someone may imagine how it could have ended! The two spectators who were very seriously injured on the head could have been beheaded – in the full stadium during a live broadcast! Nobody would have wanted to see the pictures. The man should be a doctor/surge? I would not want to entrust my life to this Harakiri setting! Landing is the least, actually discharge due to irresponsible action!

  11. The interior minister
    Should clear his office.What are snipers at all if they are not used.An advertising banner is enough on the paraglider to pave the way for an attack?We have Merkelpoller at eventual terms, and are now still in question helicopter relays as personal protection?Great prospects.

  12. away with it
    What should have ever been a non -profit? Unfortunately, it is now common in Germany to either give the non -profit organization or even to subsidize it. For example, what does German environmental aid have to do with non -profit organization. Something serves what these organizations do for the general public or does it serve any interest groups? What would come out if the support of such organizations would be coordinated with tax funds or their benefits by referendum?


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