Shanghai opens solar charging center for dozens of electric cars

Shanghai opens solar charging center for dozens of electric cars-center

With a mega-charging center with charging stations for almost four dozen electric cars, a charging station has recently gone into operation in Shanghai after two years of construction, which can also open up new perspectives for electromobility in Germany.

There are 44 charging stations for electric vehicles on an area of around 2500 m². These are 13 direct current (DC) chargers and 29 AC devices. Two Tesla charging stations, company-owned carsharing vehicles (exclusively electric cars) and catering and entertainment options round off the portfolio. The DC chargers have an output of up to 60 kW, which enables charging in around 20 minutes.

The highlight of all this is that the charging center is mainly powered by electricity generated by photovoltaic insulating glass elements from Asola Technologies in Erfurt. The ability to supply sustainable energy represents another step towards zero emissions.

The 90 kW solar modules integrated in the building supply up to 400 kWh of electricity per day for direct vehicle charging. In total, the solar system can supply a maximum of 80.000 kWh of electricity annually, some of which is stored for night-time operation and some of which is fed into the public power grid.

Shanghai opens solar charging center for dozens of electric cars-solarTellu’s power

A number of electric cars can be supplied with new energy every day in the mega charging center. Together with the connections in the households themselves, a large city needs maybe ten solar super charging centers to meet its charging requirements, according to Peter Pang, CEO of Tellus Power, at the inauguration of the facility in Shanghai. Helmut Teschner, Managing Director of TellusPower Europe, expects this project to provide significant impetus for electromobility in Europe, but above all in Germany.

“Since the current debate revolves around the supply of electric vehicles on the one hand and the necessary nationwide charging infrastructure on the other, we can show with the new charging center that the problem of infrastructure can already be realistically solved today. The technological know-how for this is definitely already available” – Helmut Teschner, Managing Director of Tellus Power Europe

Tellus Power set up its first solar charging station back in 2012. Just two cars a day could be refueled on it and hardly anyone gave this project a future chance. However, Peter Pang believed in the idea and continued to invest in the new and environmentally friendly technology. Entrepreneurial courage and visionary thinking have paid off: Pang has now been able to inaugurate a charging center that sets standards worldwide in terms of sustainability, performance and design.

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